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Linda, I think America should say thank you for exposing Bill Clinton for what he really is. He has disgraced the highest office and made a joke of it all. The thing I can't beleive is the people that still stand behind him. Good luck /02.10.99/

Fredia in Georgia []
If I could tell Linda Tripp one thing, it would be thanks! She has taken alot of heat for doing something that took alot of courage. I am a Marylander, and in our area, many people support her. What she did was right and I applaud her. I hope she had the opportunity to vote in the past election b/c Ellen really needed her vote. /02.10.99/

Patrica []
Dear Ms Tripp,

I salute your courage, intelligence and instinct for survival. Unfortunately, your adversaries are the cheap comics, desperate for laughs and approval from their liberal bosses; the media, looking for higher ratings at any expense, as usual, and the President and the remainder of his coterie.

It's too bad that whistleblowers have to be subected to such James Carville type savagery. Paula Jones was called "trailer trash". How dare a so-called peoples democrat say such a thing especially for his bible carrying boss who's supposed to "feel peoples pain"! That's why this same savagery continues in prison either by attitude or by the overt behavior of one who's crimes have been discovered and punished. At last count, there were about a dozen convictions, costing about 40 million, by Ken Starr, of Clinton people who are serving, or have served, prison terms.

Some state and federal whistleblower laws are starting to recognize and reward those who have the courage to do what you did. Of course, there is the never to be forgotten maxim of a philosopher, whose name I have forgotten, who said "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good women to do nothing." That's not the natural reaction of good mothers or fathers.

I will continue to come to your defense under any circumstance. /02.10.99/

M. W. Meier, Hamilton, OH []
When you went on national tv and stated that,"I am one of you," I thought to myself, I don't think you are 'one of us' because I just don't feel that most people would have had the courage to do the right thing. You are definitely a hero,as is your friend, Mrs. Goldberg. I pray that you and your family will be safe. /02.10.99/

Donna Schuler and Family []
Funny how nobody has come running to defend Clarence Thomas. The feminists condemned him en masse for "talking dirty." Now, when our pants-dropper-in-chief makes adultery fashionable, no one says a thing. After all, it would be "judgemental." Heaven forfend we should be judgemental! Depends on perspective, doesn't it? /2.07.99/

K. Reeves
Dear Linda, The Good Book tells us that the wrong will look right, and the right will look wrong. Needless to say that's just what this looks like. I am not surprised your still alive because I do believe God has intervened on your behalf. One reason I know he has is because, He always keeps for Himself a small army of courageous people He knows will do His will. I believe His will for Mr. Clinton is to tear him down for the so many babies he has torn apart, i.e., partial birth abortion. My prayers are for your protection and your courage to continue for His plan. You are truly our Joan of Arc. Hang tough, God Be With You /01.02.99/

Mike & Gloria []
I would like to let Linda know that not all the  in the USA are opposed to her... I applaude her for her standing up to the corruption of the CLINTONS... I think she did what she had to do as most honest people would... I also believe that she may have saved Ms.Lynskis (sp) so many who have come up against the CLINTONS have died under very strange cercumstances... .... or left the country all together... I will be contrubiting to her defence fund... and praying for her... I think the poor uneducated librials out there will continue to try and make all of Clintons problems her or some one elses fault... they are very good at shifting a child they never see their hand in anything that befalls them... God Bless You Linda...there are more behind you than you know... /01.31.99/

Debra Clayton []
That White House spin machine is the most brutal I have ever seen and then they have the nerve to criticize the "politics of personal destruction" and call for an end to it.  They can dish it out but they can't take it. I have wanted to contact you for a long time and I didn't know how until I found this site on the web. I admire you for your bravery and truthfulness in a threatening situation.  May God bless you greatly. /01.31.99/

AEB []
Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for your bravery and courage. Everyone I talk to is encouraged by your willingness to risk personal attacks by the left wing media, Hollyrot, and the Clinton mafiosa. I am sending a contribution to your defense fund, but I just wanted you to know that we think you are terrific! /01.25.99/

Mr. Terry E. Lystra, CPA []
We want Linda to know that we are behind her one hundred percent, and I sure there are a lot of people who feel the same. I can't imagine what she and her family are going through. With the Grace of God Linda, hang in there. Your in our prayers, family included. /01.25.99/

Pat []
I only hope that Linda Tripp will be vidicated with the conviction and removal from office of the Corrupter-in-Chief, and the proliferation of the truth. At this point, I wonder if that will happen in the impeachment trial, due to partisanship on the part of the Democrats and a closed mind to the truth. Certainly history and eternity will exalt the truth. As time goes on, more and more of the truth will come out and we will see that the president, his wife and his administration, is corrupt beyond our comprehension. I would just encourage Linda Tripp to relax in the truth, entrust yourself "to the One Who judges righteously ( I Peter 2:23 ) even "the God of all comfort ( II Corinthians 1:3 )." /01.25.99/

Vincent Kovlak []
I was so glad to find this sight so I could write poor Linda and tell her she is not alone, and to stand tough. I know everyone in the US seems to be against her,but we are not. That is more of the Liberal media following with Hillary and Bill, and it is never easy to do the right thing. Other wise we all would do the right thing. She is in good comany. Alec Baldwin wants Henry Hyde and his family stoned to death! And I think Henry has been as fair as he can! I have believed all along Linda did the right thing. And Monica should send her flowers for saving her life! Clinton would have her "commit suicide!" I wrote Jay Leno explaining how bad it makes him look for him to futher the Whitehouses cause to make all their critics look like bad people. Everyone that has accused Clinton, has died, or had their lifes ruined. I pray for Linda, and hope that in the end, she will be shown to be the Hero thar she is. Stand tall Linda, and I think you are beautiful! All those who make fun of your looks, boy do they have no room to talk! Especially Jay Leno! He was told to change his face! Ha! We do love you Linda! /01.24.99/

Linda Tripp proved to be a good friend to Monica. Linda taped Monica and told Monica to keep the dress. The White House spin machine was ready to paint Monica as a manic-depressive stalker. Instead Linda provided proof that it all happened. Lucky for Monica she has such a good friend. The media makes me so angry. I have never heard this angle expressed. Monica was too immature and naive to do the right thing. Linda did it for her. /01.21.99/

Thanks for your efforts. I'm sure that there are many bad days for you but THANKS. You've got a lot of courage. The few liberal friends I have question whether a friend would record a friend. I tell them that if they call me and ask me to commit perury, the next sound they will hear is MY tape recorder coming online. /1.21.99/

Bill Hanrahan []
I just wanted to write to let you know you have a lot of support in my area and I am always asked if I am related, and I will tell you, I say to them I am not, but If I were, I would not deny it as some people in the past have said I should. Thank-you for what you are doing and keep the faith, we need more people like you. /1.21.99/

Donna Tripp []
I'm really suprised you're not dead yet. I'm also _glad_ you're not dead. Considering all the Marine guards who've 'committed suicide'... and all the other deaths of people who have worked with Clinton, you must have some tough stuff and some spiritual support to stay alive in the face of American Politics' greatest whore since Ronald Reagan: Bill Clinton.

He deserves exactly what you gave him. So does Monica, actually. Nothing wrong with telling the truth, truth be told. You've shown more integrity than the Corporate Media, which never tells the whole story even when it tells the truth, and you certainly haven't done any worse. I agree with the people on this site that the psuedo-feminist limosine-liberal BITCHES have semantically lynched you for playing Washington D.C.'s game its own way and sticking it to'em.

You've also done something else, equally if not more important: your treatment by the psuedo-feminist democrats has illustrated that there is no difference between the two parties. It's just like pro wrestling; it's a false struggle meant for us to see. Democans and Republicrats, both paid by the same corporations to do the same evil things. They behave the same way, and depend on lie after lie to preserve their power. After all, wasn't Bill Clinton a rather right-wing democrat? He slashed more social programs and protected more big-business interests than Newt Gingrich could have ever done. He stole their thunder, and that's what really makes them mad. He was stealing their business.

You've shown a gutless, lying whore for what he is. Keep holding the rope, Linda, and he'll finish choking on it yet. I like your work. :) /1.21.99/

JHF []
Hey Linda!
You will become very well loved and remembered in the history books. Right now the twisted minds of this evil empire have the sheeple fooled. Thank you for your bravery. You are are me! By the way, I was from Bayonne, New Jersey, you were from Jersey City, New Jersey. Thanks, Sis. /1.17.99/

Rosalie, Reno, Nevada []
Tell Linda a Black mailman-musician-minister (whew) says yes to Linda and no to the liars! Thank God you're still alive, Linda! I believe God is on your side, and please turn to Him in this hour of peril and treachery! /1.17.99/

Tony []
May you be blessed and kept from further harm. YOU are an American hero! /1.14.98/

Howard Culbreth []
Regardless of how this whole mess turns out, I consider you to be a courageous hero. I know - I've been in the position of having to decide whether to "go with the flow" (the smooth and easy path), or do the right thing (the road less traveled). This may be of little comfort, but don't let the shallow, do-whatever's-expedient, irrational crowd get you down. /1.11.99/

Leverett Hadlow []
Dear Ms. Tripp:
I've been wanting to get in touch with you, and just got a computer for Christmas, so I can now do so. I consider you to be the heroine of this entire scandal. ( And Ken Starr is the hero!) One finds it difficult to understand how the people who are not willing to lie under oath are the ones who are trashed. I always say that if it hadn't been for your excellent advice, and your unwillingness to lie, Monica could be in danger of going to prison. You have been an excellent friend.  Just as friends don't allow friends to drive drunk, friends discourage friends from lying under oath. Also if it hadn't been for the dress and the tapes, Clinton would still be hitting on interns in the oval office!  Some day Monica might thank you. I have a feeling that Clinton's wealthy friends might have promised her LOTS of money to stick with him, which makes me fear her future testimony. I just want to thank you for your honorable behavior and feel that you will someday be exonerated. I know the White House "spin machine" is behind this terrible reputation destruction. Also, I feel that Susan McDougal is just a grown-up Monica Lewinsky. With a law degree. /1.11.99/

Connie Iversen []
Dear Ms. Tripp:
As a former secretary, I related to you instantly when the Clinton scandal broke. If my boss's lawyer had called me a liar on national television or anywhere else, I would set about proving him to be wrong. As far as I am concerned, you have done everything right, from keeping quiet and letting the facts speak for themselves, to allowing Lucianne Goldberg and Jonah Goldberg to go to bat for you. They were quite equal to the scummy spinmeisters (Lanny Davis springs immediately to mind) who persist in defending the indefensible Clinton. Stand firm, know that many, many of us outside the famed Beltway are cheering for you. God bless you and your family. /1.10.99/

Gloria from California, CPS []
LT: write a book, if you haven't already. like: "how to get a stain out of the white house", lovely orchestration of puting their music on paper for the whole world. would like to see more posts, like how to be extraordinary. just needed to say Thanks /1.10.99/

Dear Linda Tripp,
Stand firm. It takes a great strength and courage that very few have, to do the right thing even when faced with your own destruction. You have my admiration. Most people thought to be strong in morals and character would have wilted where you stood firm. I hope when my big test comes that I can do as well as you have. You are helping me teach my children that character DOES matter; CHARACTER IS EVERYTHING. /1.10.99/

David J Levesque []
Dear Linda,
I would have done the same thing. I understand and want you to know that I think the media is wrong, wrong, wrong to spin the issues against you. Hang in there. I'm sending a small contribution - wish it was more. I'll keep watching out for you! /1.10.99/

Becky Kato []
I have felt the need for several months now, Miss Tripp, to find a way to let you know that you are my hero. I and many other American patriots have a deep admiration for you because of the stand you took and the fact that you did not back down. Of the thousands of people directly involved in the slime that perpetually surrounds Slick and Slickette, you and Kenneth Starr have been the ones willing to go against awesome, overwhelming pressure, threats and snide personal attacks - and have continued to stand tall and do what's right. Some of the vicious, slanderous attacks the "news" media have made on you have made me want to cry - and have made me wonder at which point I would have faltered. You are one strong lady. As a retired Naval officer, I salute you. God Bless You. /1.10.99/

Jim Poole []
Dear Ms. Tripp:
I consider you to be a true patriot and I cannot thank you enough for exposing the deplorable situation in Clinton's Whitehouse that was happening right before your eyes. The Monica mess, the filegate, Vince Foster matters, I hope that you will be able to speak on all this matters in some format in the near future. I will make a contribution to in some small way help defray your legal expenses. Why is it when some immoral person such as Pres Clinton has to have his women a lawyer somewhere will make money off it? Well I guess that is our way in this land of far too many barristers. I pray for your strength and resolution to see these matters to their rightful conclusion and I truly thank God that he has raised of a woman of conviction such as yourself. /1.10.99/

Ken deGruchy, Jr. []
Linda, Thank you so much for standing up for the truth. We are so very proud of you. We're sending another donation towards your defense fund and hope others will do the same. I'm sorry it isn't very much, but I hope it will help. If I could afford it, I would pay all of your expenses and the cost of Judge Starr's investigation. God bless you and your family. /1.10.99/

Maureen Harper []
My wife and I would like to thank you for being a person who cares about the truth.We will support you in every way we can, now and after this mess is over. A contribution is on it's way for your legal bills. We pray for you and your family. /1.08/99/

Dennis and Brenda Kippa []
You know, in your heart, that you did the right thing. No one can bring shame to those who have truth in their heart. Thank you for bringing forth the truth. You are in my prayers. /1.08.99/

I am so proud that you have stood tall against Clinton and his array of supporter/defenders. I'll be sending money to your legal defense fund as soon as I find the address on the net. I pray to God for your protection, vindication and ultimate success through this difficult time. /1.08.99/

Dave Vancelette []
Dear Linda
Please know that you are a true American heroine. The courage and strength you have displayed in standing up for your convictions are admired by many Americans. America has found itself in the middle of an ethical civil war and many people have positioned themselves on one side or another. I am firmly positioned on the side that believes President Clinton has proven his unfitness to hold such a revered office and you were the only person courageous enough to bring this despicable matter into the light. If someone knows the address to send money for Linda's defense fund, would you please let us know? /1.08.99/

Vickie York []
I've financially supported your legal defense fund in the past and I will be sending some more support, although $50.00 doesn't buy that much defense. I just want you to know you are not in this alone.

I so much appreciate your courage and morals. The folks who say you were a bad friend to Monica to tape her are all messed up. They forget the small detail that Monica didn't mind you risking a jail sentence for perjury and obstruction of justice if you had done what she was asking you to do, not to speak of compromising your principles.

I've been to Washington, D.C. three times this year to rally with the Conservatives and had hoped to see you there, but I understood why you couldn't come. I did see Lucianne and I think she is a class act also. I have never been to Washington prior to this year. I have become a political activist due the current corruption in OUR White House and follow every development day to day.

THANK YOU for all you have done in exposing this sleazy occupant that is in OUR house! Keep your chin up. There are a lot of people, just like my family, that are paying attention as never before and are praying for you, your family and our country. /1.08.99/

Martha Simmons []
I admire you for all you have been through. I think Hillary owes you, Monica, Jessica, and Paula a big apology. She called you all liars and continues to cover up for her husband. She is the reason we are all going through this circus. If she had put her foot down a long time ago, Bill would not have gotten away with so much. Thanks for doing her job. I'm sorry you are having to pay such a high price for stopping this man. /1.07.99/

Tina Sessoms []
Dear Linda,
Contrary to what the media would have the public believe, you are a true friend to the American people and not a betrayer. You would have betrayed your country had you not blown the whistle on Clinton and his cronies. You did exactly what anyone should have done and you did it courageously. I'm proud to support you. Don't back down now. I hear that you also have other testimony to give regarding FBI files in the White House and probably on other related topics. Don't let the Clinton cronies intimidate you. You have stood strong while others have backed down out of fear. They don't dare to anything to hurt you publicly because it would only show them as the lowlife they are. There are many, many people in this country who respect you very much, a lot more than the mainstream media would want you to believe. Keep you chin up and stay strong. /1.07.99/

Sandra VanWiggeren []
Dear Linda,
You did do right. You were the only one in your position, so you are the only one who knows all the facts...but it appears you saw wrongdoing and collusion all around you....didn't know what to do about it; but felt you had to do something. Monica was someone who was doing wrong from the "get-go" and wanted you to "hop on board" "Perjury One" and fly the friendly skies to ""Willy-World" along with the other "players" in her new little world. Perhaps you saw her as a means to an end, perhaps you just couldn't beleive all you were becoming witness to. At any rate; however you got into it; once your job and livelihood and credibility became threatened (and who knows what else); hey...all bets were off. You did right. The fact that a lot of people bought the spin and live in projected personal fear that their own guilty consciences might one day be laid bare is the reason for all the grief you getting now...but I don't believe this is going to be the final take on things. You are an attractive are NOT "ugly"...only your detractors are...and a pretty uneducated bunch as well, if all they can do is stoop to name-calling and scape-goating. It make take a while...but sooner or later more people will realize the tapes were your only safety net. A lot of people applaud you everyday, they just don't get interviewed by the networks! /1.07.99.

Eve de Alberich []
Dear Linda,
I would have written sooner had I found this website. I see you as a TRUE American. My dear Lady, you are being villified because you brought forth the TRUTH. That is obscene to those who are now in control of this administration.

Linda, let me thank you personally for your heroic contribution in courage for this country. History, I am absolutely certain will be very kind to you. I have no doubt in my mind.

You will be vindicated. Truth will always will out. If by no one else, by the one who calls Himself TRUTH. He will vindicate you.

Thank you dear Linda. I am so very proud that you are able to know how this woman in Reno, Nevada has always felt about you. I am so happy that I found this website today. This pleases me far more than you know. You are a true heroine, and I am so proud of you. I feel this way about Gary Aldrich too. He was also villified for being truthful. /1.05.99/

Rosalie Boyle []
I support Linda Tripp 110%. I find it ludicrous that Democrats want to moralize about the "betrayal" of a friend by secretly taping her. It's a shame they don't feel as sorry about the numerous individuals Clinton has destroyed. And what about all the dead bodies nobody will investigate? Ms. Tripp was demonized once by Clinton's henchmen. Primarily Bob Bennett. She would have to have been totally braindead to let that happen again. And who could blame her if she did want revenge? It's easy to criticize her for going after your little Beelzebubba, but what if that were you he was trying to destroy? And if he isn't dangerous, why was it necessary for Starr to place her in a safe house? EHHH? /1.02.98/

I admire your courage, Linda!. I believe, most women if they had been in your position, would have done the same thing, although they will not admit it. Hang in there, you have a lot of friends. /01.01.99/

H. Parmiter []
Linda is a true heroine to me, and a patriot fot our country. She did the right thing under a huge amount of pressure. Linda was born and raised in my hometown. And I want her to know that I have heard nothing but positive comments about the honorable thing she did. I want Linda to know that everyone back here in New Jersey supports her. Best wishes to you in the coming year. Keep up the fight, we all love you!! I can honestly say I really am "just like you." /01.01.99/

A Friend from Whippany []
When will threatened people dare to speak out? What is keeping them back? Is anyone pursuing this? I am so sick of these two grinning corrupt phonies winning every battle! Some one has to break this spell on the Am, people. We feel so helpless. Linda has a story, It must come out. /01.01.99/

Faye []
To our family, Mrs. Tripp is a true American heroin. Thank God she headed the advice of Mrs. Goldberg. Monica should try to be more the upstanding lady that Mrs. Tripp is. Monica should realize that none of of this is her fault. Bill Clinton engineered this entire episode for the one purpose of insulating himself. Best of luck to Linda Tripp. Her entire family is a hero for supporting her. /12.28.98/

D.W.D. []
Linda, Thanks for your courage and strength. I can't imagine going through the hell you have been through this past year. You are a strong woman and I admire you for telling the truth at your own peril. My mother and I have been shocked and disgusted at the way the media talking heads and Jay Leno etc have treated you and talked about you. I have written a number of emails to "news" stations to let them know what I thought of there treatment of you. Anyway, I want to say I support you 100% and I am thinking about you and will pray for you. We need more people like you who refuse to lie and cover-up for the misdeeds of those in power. Best wishes Linda for a bright future. Happy Holidays! /12.28.98/

Carolyn P.
Linda, thank you for having the courage to go the distance especially in view of a phalynx of unwarranted opposition hurled against you, and no media, political, print or TV support. /12.27.98/

Barbara []
Wandering through the Free Republic site today and found this location. Hope this is truly a site to communicate with Linda Tripp. She's a real heroine. Wish we had more like her in this pitiful administration. May she be blessed with health, happiness, and true friends in the new year. /12.27.98/

D.B. in Alabama []
As a fellow Civil Servant I can understand what you might be going through. Working for the government can seem like an impossible trying expierence at times. But keep your faith in God, your family and friends. They are what its all about anyway. I feel you did the right thing and I salute you. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas /12.22.98/

William Hayes []
Dear Linda: I believe you have more courage and integrity in your little finger than President Clinton, the White House, President Clinton's lawyers and all the Democrats in congress. All these people have been bashing you for, what they say, betraying a friend by recording the conversation between yourself and Monica Lewinski about Monica Lewinski's relationship with the president. As I understand it, weren't you being asked to not tell the truth and lie under oath, also? I mean, weren't you being asked to lie by Monica Lewinski for something that she and the president were responsible for? Weren't you being asked to put your integrity and character on the line for Monica Lewinski's and President Clinton's improper relationship? To me, it seems that Monica Lewinski hasn't really grown up. It's amazing, too, that the President's supporters can't defend his actions, so along with bashing the Republicans and Ken Starr, the President's supporters bash you. As I stated above, I believe you have more guts and courage than the President, his White House staff, his lawyers and all his Democratic supporters in congress. The President's supporters can't defend his behavior so they bash you and other people like Ken Starr and other Republicans and attempt to spin the American polls. In closing, Linda, there are lots of your fellow Americans that think you have a tremendous amount of courage, integrity and class. And that's something that can't be bashed out of you. /12.20.98/

Richard Schulz from Wisconsin []
Linda Tripp - You are a true Patriot! /12.15.98/

I am so sick of people taking shots at Linda Tripp and saying ridiculous things like "Poor Monica, how could she have been so betrayed!" Well, she was betrayed, but not by Linda Tripp. She was betrayed by Bill Clinton, who suborned her willing perjury. Thank god for Linda Tripp! What if she had not convinced Ms. Lewinsky to "save" the dress? What if she had not taped the incriminating conversations? Who would be up a creek? Not Bill, not Monica. Without the tapes and the dress, Ms. Tripp would have been in a lot of trouble, what with her President willing and able to lie in the face of legal authority so as to bring her down! Where is the empathy for Ms. Tripp? I personally regard her as the hero of the hour. If not for her, where would we be now? /12.15.98/

Hollis Ramsey []
Dear Linda:
it may sound trite but you are a hero. I know what heroes are. I have met Medal of Honor recipients and they say they only did what they had to do; or they did the right thing. Often they did what they had to do, knowing full well that they risked all to save their comrades. This is little different in principle than what you did in exposing a corrupt and venal man posing as President. It takes fortitude to take on the so-called most powerful person in the world. I thank you for your courage and sacrifice you have been made to suffer by those so wedded to political power that they are willing to throw-away the most basic and precious of principles.

If we don't make a stand somewhere, this monster -- we hope will go away -- just keeps coming back again and again. And it's bigger and uglier than before. It takes courage to do what you did, no matter what your publicly-speculated-upon motivation was. I left the military after twenty-one years of service, primarily, because I found Clinton to be so appalling an individual -- let alone a leader (chief executive) -- that I truly did not believe I could fulfill my oath of office, and follow his orders. I miss being in the U.S. Army more than I can put words to, and I mostly blame Clinton for it. I took heat for my opinions of him so I can sympathize with what you are going through today.

Hang tough, stick to your principles, and fight for what you know is right. History will be much more kinder to you than the oh-so-clever talking heads and political-personal assassins. I salute you.

And if you ever need a port, or a fort, to weather the storms you are undergoing, come out and visit us in Wyoming. My wife and I will give you sanctuary if you need it.

P.S. In the for-what-it's-worth column, you remind me that the original Hero was a woman! /12.07.98/
Leslie Rynott []
WAY TO GO LINDA!!! /12.06.98/ []
Linda - I am you.  I think I'd have done exactly what you did.  You acted in honor.  you were tired of all Monica's hysterics and told her.  She continued to badger you - then the white house attacked you.  Aware of history, you just taped an irritating co-worker in self defense.  That simple. Further, you put your life and reputation in grave jeopardy, knowing pretty much what'd happen.  Your dedication to this country, the at one time proud United States of America, is admirable.  You informed the country and the country did not - and does not - want anything to do with the TRUTH.  It is deeply saddening. You not only revealed the evil in the white house, but the evil in the land.  The evil in the congress.  It is not  a pleasant revelation, but America needed to see - God has given America a leader just like herself.  Just like in the Bible.  We have a leader just like America.  Not like you, not like me, but tragicly - this land is corrupt at the core. Those Judiciary committee democrats can't even listen to the truth.  The media can't either.  MSNBC broadcast the meeting Tuesday, Dec. 1, but late morning, after the democrats spin, a Republican (Rogan, I think) began to speak specific Truth about all the many Clilnton lies to the grand jury, MSNBC cut away to liberal chat.  Only C-span carried the whole thing.
God Bless you, Linda. May God protect you. /12.02.98/

Carol []

I think Linda Tripp and Kenneth Starr both did a Good job for Decency. Now lets see if the house and Senate do theirs! /12.01.98/

Vicki []
God bless you LInda. You have the guts! And you''ve got grace too. /12.01.98/

Dear Linda, Please know our family has been in prayer for your whole family through this ordeal. We admire your courage and will be praying God will take you one step at a time closer to His will. It is never easy to do what is right /11.25.98/

Janet Rodick []
Linda Tripp is an American hero for what she has done! /11.24.98/

Dear Linda, Hang in there , you did the right thing. The truth must come out sooner or later. /11.23.98/

Mary Anne []
So, son of a gun, what do you know... while listening to some of "The Tapes", I heard monica ask what day your birthday was on in november, and you didn't want to tell her. I was thinking to myself, couldn't be on the 24th! Sure enough it was the 24th. That is the same day mine is, but must admit I do have a few years on you. So, Happy Birthday Linda... And may you have many more. Also, I must tell you that I am a die hard republican and have detested Bill Clinton since he came on the scene in 1992. Back in january I thought for sure my prayers were going to be answered. For me personally, it would have been too good to be true. 11 months later, I'm still praying. I cannot believe the 'man'. Keep up the good work you have been doing. I know it hasn't been easy for you. Someday you will tell your story. Please tell your friend, Lucy Goldburg, I adore her. /11.23.98/

Thank you Linda for giving us hope! Not everyone will just "roll over" for the Pres. Thank God for people like you! May God Bless!! /11.20.98/

Linda- Yet another thank you to one of the most courageous women I've seen in a long time. What you did for America made me stand and cheer when I first heard about it. It gave us hope and for that we are eternally grateful. /11.20.98/

Carol []
I have watched, listened to just about everything regarding this serious matter with our President. I salute Linda for the difficult journey she has taken over the past year. I hope this too will be soon over. She has many admirers, and I know that history will be kinder to her than the media has been. God bless you Linda. Keep the good work up! /11.19.98/

Colleen Hunt []
Linda, As a mother of 2 grown daughters I would like to give you our well wishes and our prayers. You have many friends out here who want to say thank you for what you have done for our country. If not for you, this would all have been "spinned away." Please take good care of yourself and your children, they are who really count in your life. Your life will always be filled with challanges just remember there are a wonderful group who will always be proud to stand with you. /11.19.98/

Marie Farricielli []
Go girl! Don't let those idiots in the White House make you back off one little bit. If you end up having to testify in front of the committe let them have it with both barrels. There are millions of good Americans out here that love their country and want the creep to get his sick perverted ass out of office and to take the enabler with him. Fight the good fight! /11.19.98/

Kevin Hollenkamp []
Linda Tripp is a real American heroin who, in the course of protecting herself from incrimination by Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski, revealed the perjury of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski; their crimes against the United States of America!

I salute her! Each of us should have the courage and resolve of Linda Tripp. If you are against her, you are against the Constitution Of the United States of America and God, himself!

I am a 62 year old truck driver and thought I had seen it all in my travels, but nothing I saw approaches the depravity and immorality exhibited by Bill Clinton and his prostitute, Monica Lewinski, in the Oval Office! Their contempt for this Nation and the people of this Nation is unparalleled in history! Their complete lack of any moral fibre is without precedent! To allow them escape their crimes unpunished is tantamount to ending our way of life as an honorable and caring Nation. The fall of Rome is a comic novel compared with the fall of this Great Nation! To allow them to escape justice is to replace them with your own children! That is what this Nation will come to! Think about it! /11.19.98/

James C. Alexander []
My heart grieves as I watch national talk show hosts condemn Linda for recording the Monica tapes. Considering your circumstances I believe many people would have done the same thing and that includes the talk show hosts who speak ill of you. Linda, it was one of your few ways open to you to defend yourself against the smear and destroy taticts of the evil Clinton White House. It took courage to bring these tapes forward. Monica betrayed your friendship when she asked you to lie for her. I am certain that you knew that the consequences of taking on Bill Clinton would be costly to you personally. You are in good company, Linda, for the great heros of the Old and New Testament took on evil at great personal peril i.e. Jeremiah, the Savior, the 12 apostles, the early Christians et. al. It is incredible to those in my community that the dominant media are making victims of Monica and Bill Clinton while condemning the salt of the earth like Kenneth Starr and other heros like yourself. Hold your head up high Linda. I wish there was something I could do for you to ease your burden during these trying times for you and your family. /11.18.98/

Patrick & Joyce []
Courageous, heroic, selfless; these are all Linda Tripp characteristics. When my daughters ask me whom I consider to be a great role model, I point to Linda. Linda, I've read about your life and interests and I feel as though, to some small degree, I'm reading about myself. We have a lot in common. Please know that I'm in your corner all the way. If you ever need a friend to write to, drop me a line! /11.18.98/
Tim and Barbara Riley []
There are so many of us who support you - and know you are a true patriot (as well as defending yourself against a power which could have consumed you). Keep up the good fight knowing that we are behind you. /11.18.98/
Maggie Fleming []
Linda, I think more people are behind you than you realize. Hang tough /11.07.98/
Charles Barnett []
As a Hoosier girl brought up on good values, a belief in God and his son Jesus Christ, I look at you as a scapegoat for all the lily-livered among us out here who are afraid of speaking the truth when it comes to this (ugh) president and his horrible wife.. It took great courage for you to do what you did considering the wrath that has rained down upon your head since the tapes were exposed. I am sure your life has even been threatened because nothing is too low for these reprobates we have in our white house right now. I know the past few months have been hell on earth for you because you have a concience whereas the reprobates in the white house seem to have been scathed not at all.  When one has no soul it is easy to ignore the bad things said about you even when they are the truth. Now that the elections are over (and a demoraling day it was for some of us) we will soon see the reprobate back to his old tricks. I have always thought that the old reprobate has made a pact with the devil because I can see no other way he has been able to get out of so many tight spots. Well, enough about the old reprobate. Thank God he will only be with us for 2 more years. God bless you Linda Tripp. You will receive your just reward hopefully sooner rather than later. You are a true American. /11.07.98/
We have been wishing for a way to tell you we congratulate you for what you have done. I particularly like the way you got even with that pompous lawyer Uncle Bob Bennett! You have friends out here on the "Left" coast if you need them. Watch your "six" and keep on truckin'. /11.04.98/
The Cornbread Washtub Band []
Dear Linda: Keep going girl. We have backed you from the start. Remember the line from the bible. "Evil will prevail when good people do nothing." Evil has been going on with this man from his beginning and you have given him the toughest fight of his life. Our prayers are with you. /10.27.98/

June and Chuck []
Linda Tripp,
You are the only person in this ugly situation that I would swim a river just to shake your hand. God bless you! /10.26.98/

Gary Ruther []
Hang in there. Most of the decent people of this country are still behind you. /10.26.98/

Gene O'Baker []
Everyone's going on about this being the Presidency's on trial, the Constitution's on trial, etc. Factually, it's the Caretakers of the Constitution that are on Trial...its US. We were given the torch, the mantle by our forebears. Will we drop it to overlook the Baby Boomer's completely amoral attorney president?, drugs, Red Chinese, FBI files, Foster, Parks, Ron Brown, the sheer abuse of power and office. No, the true American spirit refuses to die. Linda, you're not only a heroine in the tradition of what's the best about America, you speak volumes about your parents, your upbringing and what's truly meant by Family Values, which is our collective unkillable rock. You saw many things in that White House, from Foster and more. You did not become a Nuremberg accomplice. Villified? Well, they villified Socrates, Joan of Arc, Ghandi, Einstein, Galileo, etc., etc. Why? They each told the truth. And the world was made better forever by each. As they say in the Air Force, if you attract flak, you must be on target! Thanks for your bravery. Thanks for not taking it. Unlike the president, thanks for teaching our children right from wrong. You've gained your place in history. Despite the noise today, THIS is what will be said forever: She Did The Right Thing. No greater words can be said of anyone. Your actions bring you honor and for these we love you so much, celebrate you, and thank you. We may not be the flapping and noisy - but, oh, we are the many. /10.20.98/

Max Fett []
Linda has a lot of support up here. /10.20.98/

Leonard Zurkowski []
BC, Canada
Thanks for standing up for truth something the Clintons know nothing about - just spin and deception. Where are the feminists now?/10.19.98/

Dear Linda,
You are the greatest. My dear old Irish Grandma always said; "Don't let the 'Basters' get you down." /10.20.98/

Kroy []
Linda Tripp did a courageous act. I wish her well for the future. /10.15.98/

Stu []
We are with you linda, staay tough!!!!! /10.14.98/

Russ []
I support Linda's taping. Knowing NOW how Bill and Hillary both lie, I would have taped Monica, too! The Clinton's are far from what I as an American value, that is truth and honesty! And it is evident that Linda has those same values of truth and honesty. I say Thank God for Linda, or we probably would never know about the lying, manipulative couple of lawyers that occupy OUR (the Amer. public) White House. Neither Bill or Hillary are role models for our country and especially for our children. My prayers and support go to you, Linda. If there is a hero in this sordid nightmare the Clinton's have taken us through, it will be you. Your children should be and I am sure they are proud of you. I know I am! /10.13.98/

Anyone who still doubts a continuing leftward bias in the dominant media need only look at the photos of you here or on your web site. You did the right thing, and millions of people support and respect you. Best wishes in your quest for justice. /10.09.98/

Robert Simpson []
Dear Linda:
You are the best kind of person, the kind who stands up for the Truth, regardless of personal consequences. Your courage will rid this country of the greatest evil it has ever faced. I salute you.
God bless you /10.09.98/

Doug Elwell
Raptor Communications

Linda: My wife and I and all of our friends admire your courage to stand up for truth. I was back in Washington just a few days ago and wish I could have walked up to your door and told you of our support face to face. I want you to know that you are always welcome to stay with us if you need a break away from pressures. We live in Southern Utah and have a very large home with a 2nd master suit with a private bathroom. May God bless you and sustain you in this difficult struggle against evil. /10.06.98/

Patrick and JJ Abernathy []
Linda, what a privilege to know that there is someone like you in Washington. The price for truth is great, but worth it. Be careful. Check six as they say in flying. These are dangerous times. Thank you for standing up for what is right. At least, you can sleep at night knowing you have not betrayed your standards and your God. I'll bet your God is different from ole Bill's. /10.05.98/

Mary Melville []
Linda, Thanks beyond words for lifting up the rock to let the people see the unbelievable vermin that live in the Clinton White House. You have done an enormously brave and patriotic thing. My children and grandchildren thank you. I believe that your beginning will be carried on this Nov. 3 in that mother of all polls to be conducted by the REAL people of America. God Bless! /10.05.98/

Loren Nelson []
I live within a few block of you in Columbia Maryland and think that you are a real hero who exposed the corrupt federal system from TOP to bottom. I am also a Democrat and a federal employee. I didn't know about this Maryland taping law that is established by criminals to protect the criminals. I wish you lots of luck. You are standing at moral high grounds while our president is the lowest of the low. Shame on anyone who doesn't see this for what it really is. /10.05.98/

Finally, a way to say thank you for what you have done and to say your speech after the Grand Jury was excellent! Don't believe the spinmasters, more people are for you than Clinton wants you to realize. What Clinton doesn't realize is that you can't spin history; you will come out as a hero and he as a villain. They keep saying we don't care and hoping we'll believe it, well wait until November! /10.04.98/

Frank MacKenzie-Lamb []
You hang in there, Linda !!! You done the right thing Linda . . Guess this will teach Bob Bennett to go around calling honest people liars !!!!/10.04.98/

Jerry Soesbee []
Please tell Linda that she may not hear it from the "Ministry Propaganda", but a lot of us know that there are higher loyalties than the old sophomoric buzz "friendship comes first". There will probably always be a conflict between love and honor, but some of us know that they do not necessarily cancel each other out. Stay strong, Linda, life is too short not to be true to what you believe. /10.04.98/

Cele Hall Ed. Loose Cannon Newsletter
Linda, you did the right thing, and we admire you for it. The liberals will go to great lengths to cover for and support that selfish jerk Honest Bill Clinton, but you sacrificed much and followed the dictates of your conscience for your love of America. We love you for it. /10.04.98/

Bob & Dee Hague []
I am reminded of the book, "Witness" written by Whittaker Chambers...he made the mistake of thinking the country would approve and appreciate his efforts to blow the whistle on high crimes and misdemeanors,in the Roosevelt Administration but he was astonished and dismayed to find out this was not the case...I admire Linda's courage and love of her country, but I wonder if someday she won't look back on all this and, in despair, realize this country, for the most part, is just as low down morally as our the way, I am one of many Arkansans who never voted for THAT man.../10.02.98/

I hope you get to read these messages of support Linda. I hope you can gather strength from them. You are very brave and someday you will be remembered as one of America's most loyal patriots. When you stood before the microphone and shook, every single person in America who has morals, decency and a grasp of the truth believed you. The stress you have been under is evident, but this will pass and you will prevail as the hero. /10.02.98/

Ann Marsilio []
My family and I love you and hope that the American people will come to see that what you did was a great and wonderful thing for America.  Don't give up we the normal people of the United States are behind you.  I'm sorry I don't have any extra money to send but when I do I will send it. /10.02.98/

Kathleen Griffin []
Thank you, Linda Tripp for your courage and integrity. What a pleasure to know that people like you are still around. /10.02.98/

Kate []
Thank you for exposing the "tip of the iceberg". You have courage and integrity, which are both in short supply in our country. I was not surprised that you 'passed the lie detector test'; your veracity should never have been in question as all the facts have supported your information and testimony. /10.02.98/

Timothy Cavender []
Don't let all the bad press get you down- you did the right thing. If you had not taped the conversations no one would have believed you. Hang in there. /10.02.98/

[ ]
I think you did the right thing Linda. I'm glad there are some people working for & in the government who still believe in morals and doing the right thing. /9.30.98/

Melanie Mason   []
I am so sick of people bashing Linda Tripp. I think she is a great American. It's too bad we don't have more like her in politics. I wish her nothing but the BEST. May God Bless you Linda. /9.30.98/

Diane   []
New York
Let me start by saying, Linda Tripp is a true American Hero. I would like to see how many people would stand up to the most powerful man in the world, when he threatens their life or the lives of their kids. What a joke to make her out to be the bad character in all of this. It just shows how blind the media is and the ones that do try to investigate are strong armed into stopping. I would also like to say that Linda is a truly beautiful woman, and the people who make fun of her are just ignorant and on the taxpayers payroll. What a joke that our tax dollars are spent for government employees to go out and defend this joke for a president. Instead of talking about Ken Starr and million dollars, lets talk about how we would have solved this sooner and cheaper without all of the stonewalling from the White House. Hang in there Linda, ALL true American Citizens are behind you. Thank Your for your time. /9.29.98/

Richie   []
(Regarding Faust's article on Linda Tripp at This is the most distorted article I've ever seen. What would these rabid liberals suggest Tripp should have done? Possibly lie under oath like Lewinsky did? Boy... that really worked for Lewinsky! Or perhaps they thought Tripp should take on the most powerful man on earth with just Tripp's word against his?!

These people are so biased!! It's an insult to the intellect of the American people. So Tripp would have been a good person if she had covered up for a lying, cheating, sleazy slut like Lewinsky and helped "the Big Creep" keep molesting women uncontested forever?!!

I think it's bogus writers (can't call them journalists) like Jan Faust who have the character problem, not Tripp!!!!!! /9.28.98/

Dave Lemmon []
I cannot believe anyone could possibly blame Linda Tripp for what she did...mostly because I cannot believe a real friend would ever ask a friend to lie for her. I would probably do the same thing to keep my reputation and conscience in tact. I think it is a disgrace what people are saying about Linda and believe she must be a very strong person to tolerate all that has been done to her. I hope she keeps up her courage and continues to believe she has done the right thing. If anyone should be ashamed, it should be Monica for letting the President take such advantage of her youth. - A Supporter /9.27.98/

We are so proud of you for coming forward and being an honest human being. We are, however, very concerned that you are keeping very important information away from the American public and the world. Why are you and Vince Fosters secretary so silent on letting the world know the exact nature and causes involved in the "suicide of Vince Foster". We are very concerned that you have knowledge and are keeping it silent because you may be threatened by the Clinton administration. It is time you come forward to the American people and the world and admit any and all knowledge you have regarding this mans untimely death. Please do not be afraid. You have a host of supporters.
God Bless You.
We support you and love you. /9.27.98/
Joan and Tony Kropinak   []
Hang in there Linda. You've been attacked by a professional PR campaign (at taxpayer's expense) for months, but they're the ones doing the mea culpas, limited though they are in scope. /9.27.97/

Richard Kania   []
I cannot help but feel that many other people were put in the same position that you were but you had the courage to speak up and say NO to what you felt was wrong. I applaud you and your courage. I went through a similar situation and ended up losing my job over it. I would not do something that I knew was illegal. I do not understand why there are not stronger laws to protect "whistleblowers". I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers because I really do understand what you are going through and I hope you do not end up losing your job also.

Ivy Breen []
Honey, you and Paula are the top of the class. I'll tell you - the trailer trash went to Washington! Thanks to you she might get another chance at justice. /9.25.98/

Joe M, Carter []
I was looking for her email to let her know there are lots of women supporting her. Thanks for a great page /9.24.98/

Cindy Brown   []
Call it intuition. Call it plain old common sense. Call it what you will, but I have believed this lady (Linda Tripp) since day one. I've found no logical reason for her to lie. Also, in contrast to that stupid grin Ken Starr has on his face every time he's in front of a camera, Linda looked like a real human being when she faced the American people. You can't fake those kind of emotions! The truth will prevail. Hopefully sooner, than later.
Warmest regards /9.24.98/

Carol   []
I don't know where they are getting their polls, but I wish someone would call me. I think Clinton should be impeached. Linda Tripp, I am on your side. Just hang in there, and hopefully, justice will prevail /9.24.98/

Bernadine Sutliff []
I support you Linda and wish you my best. Hang tough Linda. Stand firm and fight the good fight. I promise I will be here backing you up and fighting also. I have had it with the Whitehouse spin and smear campaigns. I admire your character and encourage you to keep up the good work. /9.24.98/

Michael Napoli []
With Linda Tripp's credibility at stake and obvious repercussions from the Clinton camp a certainty, how else could a lowly government employee protect herself? She did what she could, and rightfully so! Do you really think Monica think of her as a friend even before this all came out? To Monica, Linda was just another person she could boast to ... Monica told several other people about the relationship. Only difference is: Linda had the presence of mind to keep records. One has to, it seems when dealing with people close to the President! ./9.23.98/

Cynthia U. [>]
I am writing in reference to Linda Tripp. I want her to know I am a mother and a grandmother who believes in what she has done and I feel sorry for the way the public, press and white house have treated her. I can't understand why so many people refuses to acknowledge the reason for the tape recording. I understood the reason behind the taping and I feel Linda is the one who was betrayed by a friend who told her things that were unlawful and then asked her to lie about it. I am also amazed at the public's reaction to President's Clinton's affair and lies. We have lost sight of where we came from and where we are going. We have lost our morals and our children and their children will be the losers. I have Linda in my prayers and hope that some day life will return to near normal for her. God bless her /9.23.98/

Joyce Harper []
Just wanted to write a quick note. I've been watching the White House roll out the slime machine and get their toadies in the press to start slinging mud your way with this specious tape tampering charge. I am very sorry for what you are going through. This American wants to thank you for your sacrifice. Good Luck and God Bless you. /9.23.98/

R. G. Reynolds   []
Thank you for your courage. When I think about it, what you have risked and endured to expose the truth about the most corrupt administration in our history must be overwhelming. I trust that you have a strong circle of support to help you, and I pray for your for protection and for peace.
Whether or not "history" will ever record it, I and many others know that you are an Esther (...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?) and will never be forgotten.
God bless you. /9.20.98/

Linda Spooner   []
Linda, I just want to thank you for having the courage to stand up against the most powerful man in America! If there were more of you up in the White House, that believe that crimes are taking place and have the courage to do something about it, maybe we wouldn't be in the shape we are in today in this country. I know you will still have hard times, but you can do it and we need to have the courage to stand up. Not let people with such power to get away with it. I hope you write a book, so I can know the things that went on in the White House that you were afraid of. But anyway, I'm very proud of you and your children must be! Go girl! /9.19.98/

Blaming Linda Tripp for what's happening is like blaming the weathervane for making the wind blow in a particular direction. The Left cannot come to grip with the truth - however it is obtained. /9.17.98/

David Smith
I want you to know that it is so refreshing to know that there is an honest, devoted lady (you), that is willing to tell the truth and disclose the lies, disrespect, and criminal intentions of Clinton plus others around him who so vehemently support this man. I know that you are also involved with other crimes in this administration, and I want you to know that my prayers are with you in all you do to rid this Nation of unhealthy people that are out to ruin this country. Be very careful, be safe and continue to make us proud to know you. We are a Nation of Laws, and these people must be punished to the full extent of their crimes. We love you and are 100% behind you. Don't let the left wing, or spin doctors and others discourage you, for we know you're true character, and believe you are indeed doing the right thing. We are very proud of you for doing what you are doing and also for what you have done. /9.16.98/
Love, Nadine []
Orem, Utah
PS Many feel the same as I do
I thank you for your courage in speaking and doing what you knew to be right - for refusing to compromise your values and for not letting your principles be determined by those carrying the big sticks. As a mother and wife, as a woman and as a citizen of this country I thank you. /9.15.98/

Chava Rosen []
Thank you for your bravery, your honesty, and your integrity. You have restored my faith in people. /9.13.98/

joan hester []
a national hero!!!! /9.13.98/

Josh Buccheri []
I am so proud of her and prayed she would hang on with each dreadful day she had to endure the lies of the White House and the press. The smartest thing she ever did was make those "wonderful tapes". Not only did they finally catch "the liar" but they probably saved her life. Way to go Linda.... YOU deserve the medal for courage. /9.10.98/

Sheryl Webb []
Just wanted to say I support Linda Tripp. I used to live in Washington DC and I know I wouldn't have lied either. (I might not have taped but I wouldn't have lied for them)....just wanted to encourage her. /9.08.98/

Barbara in Louisville []
Stay the course, Linda, the "big creep" is getting closer to resigning. From my point of view he is pretty much going to be forced into resigning for the good of the country. People of all walks of life are speaking out against his immorality, and his presidency is doomed. /9.07.98/ []
You will be vindicated. I have written you previously that I supported you. I hope you receive this. /9.06.98/

Lorelei Williams []
Knowing the "body count" there in the Capital, I admire your courage and integrity in being truthful. I regret that all people, esp. women, are not behind you in support. You have taken a stand that is necessary if our country is to survive. Many of the heroes of the past were defiled in their own time, but time stood the test and we see what heroes they were today. /9.05.98/

Claire   []
Well, here we are the silent majority. Silent no more with the voice the Internet affords us today. What would we all do without the avenue this provides us? Mainstream media would have us believe that what Linda did was vile and reprehensible. And they have played that tune to death.... now that Clinton has been FORCED to say something, we see clearly why this has gone on for so long, and may have gone on longer and for naught. EXCEPT for Linda Tripp.

Linda, alone, scared for her job and her life, had seen what the Clinton's and their aiders and abettors were up to, and feared for her own future and reputation if forced to do something she knew was criminal. What to do? How does one protect oneself from the crushing weight of what you have been told by your superiors is both prudent and politically correct for your health and wealth. Yet, she did what no investigation and over $40 mil could not do: nail down that sucker to account for his scurrilous actions. What a nightmare to have in the White House. When did he have the time and energy to do all of this, while obviously ignoring the country and it's needs. But, he DOES LOOK good. But that is all. Linda has helped the country see the shell of a man he is. Like a peanut shell with the peanuts missing: Completely intact, but when you crack it open, nothing there but the promise.

Now the shell has been broken, and we see there is not even the promise. Just an empty shell. What piteous people we are to have to have a lone woman make us and him face what he is. As long as we tolerate his and his wife's presence in the White House we do Linda and all those who are unknown and silent but have gone before a huge disservice. Vince Foster. Victims at Mena....Victims in 'plane crashes' Victims strewn all along the trail to the White House made by the Clintons.

The ghosts of all those cry out for justice, and if we do not give it to them we may find we have had our country taken from us while we dallied. Thank God For Linda Tripp.

I hope you release the tapes as soon as you can, Linda. The sooner the public hears the tapes the sooner we can kick the sob out . If he had done this in times past, he would have been tarred and feathered. Not a bad idea for today, either! So, I thank God, Linda for you, and I thank YOU for US. Never believe what you read and only half of what you see, my girl. We , the silent majority , are pulling for you . You WILL be vindicated. And, hats off to your crusty friend, Lucienne Goldberg, what a gal!! /8.27.98/

Careen []
Dear Linda
Thank you so much for exposing Clinton. You did the right thing!!!. As a retired USAF Master Sergeant I would have been kicked out of the military if I did what Clinton did with a subordinate. It is disgusting to me the way he acts and he has been doing it all of his life.
Keep up because me and my family love what you did. /8.26.98/
Stephen E Hric, MSG, USAF, Retired   []
As a two time voter for Bill Clinton, I wish to thank you for your courage and truthfulness. You are a role model for many people who may find themselves in your very situation! /8.25.98/
Tim Cavender []
I just want to tell you and your children that you are one of the most beautiful people in this country: a shining ray of truth in a nation that seems to think truth is whatever sly play on words happens to work in a given situation. You say you are one of us--but not many of us would have been willing to take on the burden you shoulder. Thank you for your courage. /8.25.98/
Kathy, housewife, secretary, senior citizen   []
It terrifies us to think of what people keep silent about, in fear of their lives and the lives of those they love. God Bless you for your courage. /8.25.98/

Margo Linder []
Thank you for your testimony. I want everyone to understand that the truth is very hard to tell and even more hard to hear. We are happy to add our voice to your support team. Take Care do not lose heart the silent Americans are for you 100% /8.22.98/

Millions of Americans who don't buy the liberal party line are looking at you, Linda Tripp, as the real hero of this sordid Clinton era. While the press played cover-up for Clinton until they could no longer hide the mountain of evidence; and while leftist comedians and spin doctors ignored perjury, illegal campaign finances, domestic spying through illegally-obtained FBI files, and the undermining of US nation security by Bill Clinton in order to target you, you have stood firm for principle and for what is right for America. Someday, when the history of this era is written in a more rational age, you will be deemed a hero. /8.22.98/

Michael LaTorra [MLaTorra@SCGROUPINC.COM]
I just want to weight in my support of Linda Tripp. She seems to be the only honest person in this mess. I would have done the same thing she did. It's good to see we still have some people with morals in this Country. She's a brave woman who can be proud that she's an American and acted like a good American. The Bill Clinton's of this world should be exposed and in jail if I had my way. It really makes me mad to see the media and the public treat Hillary with such respect and feel so sorry she was deceived. I think she knew all along he was guilty but would obviously do such about anything to continue as the First Lady. She a disgrace to women and a bad example for allowing herself to be abused over and over again and publically humiliated. Keep up the good work and be proud Linda. /8.22.98/

Mrs. Cooper []
Stay strong Miss Tripp. Don't let the left-wing conspiracy get you down, you are a conservative, and the right kind of feminist. I have faith in you. I do not believe the lies the left-wing media is trying to brainwash the public with. /8.20.98/

David   []
I wanted Linda Tripp to know how proud I am of her. She was smart, courageous, and demonstrated great integrity through her ordeal. Because of her we may be rid of the scourge in the White House. Linda has done the nation a great service. We owe her a big debt. Thank you Linda, and thank God there are still some people with morals and true grit. /8.20.98/

Marie Williams   []
I'm grateful to have the opportunity to thank Linda for standing up and telling the truth under what must be the most trying times for her and her family. She has faced the wrath of the most corrupt political machine in recent history, and come out as a true American Heroine. She did this knowing full-well the danger she could face and the scorn and ridicule of the media and W.H. spinmeisters. I (and many others) salute you for your integrity and courage. I am sure that in the years to come, I will be telling my grandchildren of a bright light of truth named Linda during these dark days for our country. /8.17.98/

Barb Carpenter []
Linda; Just a note to thank you for your courage. I suspect that the emotional and possibly physical pressure you have received at the hands of this White House and their operatives has been enormous. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for having the guts to speak the truth against this corrupt administration. Thank you. /8.16.98/

Richard Licata []
I believe that Linda Tripp's and Paula Jones' names will be remembered, long after Bill Clinton's will be left under the trash heap of history! Thank you :) /8.9.98/

Bruce V. Bracken []
My wife and I would like to thank you and salute your courage. Without truth and freedom we no longer have a democratic republic. We wish you and your family well. God bless you. /8/7/98/

Steve & Lee Wallace []
What a great site! Linda, I have defended you at every opportunity and will continue to do so. You have been so very courageous defending the truth against such powerful and threatening forces. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful family. (How CAN your enemies, who hold no value to truth, or good recognize this. They can only see a reflection of their own hate). Linda you have "upped the ante" for all that is good in this country. Thank You and on behalf of all my family, Thank You!. /8.7.98/

God Bless You Linda. You truly are one of us!! I was very proud to hear your statement after you completed your testimony to the Grand Jury. You may not be "media-savvy" but you are right! It doesn't just take courage to do what you have done. It takes strong moral character and a love of country and the truth. Thank you for telling the truth about an administration that would do anything to keep us from knowing the truth. I am proud to call you "My fellow American!" /8.7.98

Marcia Regan []
Phoenix, AZ
Linda joins the company of Saint Thomas More, the patron saint of Lawyers, who, when asked to commit perjury out of friendship, replies to the suggestion with these words (I paraphrase from Robert Bolt's play, A Man For All Seasons), "Out of Friendship? And when the Just Judge condemns me to the inferno for doing something that I knew was wrong, will you join me, out of friendship?" /8.7.98

Leo Madden []
Tripp's portrayal in the media is ridiculous - as if she is the bad guy. Everyone's making excuses for Monica, her mom, Clinton, Vernon, and everyone else, yet somehow Tripp gets all the blame. If people stop and think about it, every single one of them would have done what she did and felt it was necessary. /8.6.98

Chantal []
I would like to say here that the treatment this lady has undergone is to say the least despicable. Anyone in America today who stands up against the corrupt in defense of the truth is tarred and feathered and threatened. Linda Tripp, it took courage to do what you did and I saw some of your news conference and what you had to say warmed my heart. You are continuing to stand strong against those who would destroy you. You have more support than you'll ever know. You rank up there with those such as The Hon. Clarence Thomas, Paula Jones, Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, and other brave and responsible souls who risked all they had in order to stand on principle and in what they believed in. All our prayers are with you as this unfortunate episode in America continues to unfold. Always keep you head high, as you stand firm against this tyranny. /8.6.98

Respectfully submitted,
Russell []
Stay the course. You have truth on your side. Your courage has been an inspiration for us all. The silent majority will remember you. The media can continue to trash you and others who dare to speak the truth about this administration but in the long run you will be a winner. Truth will out, there is some solace in being able to look in the mirror & know you are fighting the good fight. We consider Clinton the most dangerous man to ever occupy the White House and you are in part responsible for putting the spotlight on his crimes. Thanks from Arkansas.../8.5.98/

Billie_Bob []
Thanks for this new page. We need to be supportive of anyone in Washington DC that sees the truth as an asset! Considering where she worked (in the White House and with whom, Vince Foster) we also ought to be thankful she is still alive.
Go Linda! /8.1.98/

Charlene []
This has been a good week for [Linda], finishing her testimony, finally, and giving that great statement on the steps of the courthouse. It worked out just fine and got a lot of press coverage. A lot of people have been coming up to me with newly opened minds on Linda. There is still much for the public to learn about her -- she is a true patriot. I represented her full time from Jan to April, and help Zack and Joe (her Md. lawyers) as much as I can now. She is one of the most wonderful clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with -- as loyal, caring, dedicated, and committed as you would want. Your kind of spontaneous support means so much to Linda. /8.1.98/

Jim Moody [AslanOne@]
Tears came to my eyes when [Linda] was talking and shaking. What a contrast to the other players involved in this sordid little drama! She's a true American heroine and needs to know she is supported. Eagles UP!! /8.1.98/

Betty Moore

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