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I am still astonished when I check into the internet under "Linda Tripp" and find all the negative, even gross, things written about her. It confirms to me that this nation is run by a bunch of thugs. And I long for the day when Christ will straighten it all out. This is a certainty, whether we believe it, like it, or consent to it. I don't have many modern heroes, but Linda Tripp is one of them. I hope she is surviving and she gets to watch when her torturers go down! /07.11.99/

I wish you a long dream with an enlightened nation and a government of integrity. /06.29.99/

Jacob Roginsky []
Although things have simmered down in the main stream media, I often think about Ms. Tripp. I was inspired by her courage for months. I thought it was a damn shame how the left used her as a punching bag for those many months. I hope history will be kinder to her than our contemporaies. Good Luck to you Ms. Tripp, you stood for me and I thank you. /06.14.99/

Troy Racca, Louisiana []
Dear Linda,
Thank you for doing what was the right thing to do inspite of all you were up against. Some day history will write you up as a very courageous person. /06.10.99/

Mark Eckstine []
Dear Ms. Tripp,
I had the unfortunate experience of being up this past Sat. night and saw a rerun of John Goodman on SNL with his supposed impersonation of you. At first it made me mad because the tone of this "tolerant, PC" celebrity was just so hateful and malicious, then I just had to laugh because in reality he's just showing the world how ugly, twisted and ignorant he is on the inside and he doesn't even realize it! It would be truly comical were it not for the fact that he does this to the danger of his eternal soul. One can only hope that he will someday realize his complete depravity before God and repent before it's too late.

I admire you for having the courage to do what you did. It is incomprehensible to me how many apparently purposefully ignorant people our society has in the so-called "elite" who persist in the delusion that you were the amoral party in all of this. These people (all Clintonistas) truly are dangerous, unstable and untrustworthy people, from your "friend" Monica to much of the journalistic and Hollywood elite. Their deliberate ignorance of the facts in this case shows their true biases and depravity also. You did right! I pray the Lord watch over you and your family daily, give you peace and deliver you in due time from your troubles, and that your vindication would cause your enemies to be ashamed, that they might truly come to repentance before the Lord, God Almighty. /05.24.99/

Janet McAulifef []
It was and is impressive course of actions which Linda followed to expose corruptions of high government officials partcularly that of Clinton. When you compare Linda and Bill, or Linda and Bill's wife, it is easy to find which side belongs to human dignity. It is amusing to note that the more educaated people are more deceptive and morally corrupt. Linda shines like a diamond in this decadant society of America today It has been most unfortunate that she was used by Starr as a simple tool for a legal process. /05.11.99/

Eugene Kunishi []
Dear Linda,
You can always live with yourself and any other decent person that enters or is in your life now. The people you have come across in the last few years have had no conscience. The fact you were scared shows you have good instinct for knowing you were in danger. I believe Clinton is guilty, to some degree, of everything he has ever been accused of, and anyone in your shoes would have reason to protect themselves, no matter what they had to do. Monica broke the friendship bond first, whatever degree it was, not you. I wish you the best. By the way, try and stick close to Lucianne, she is just wonderful! /04.27.99/

Lyn []
Just to let Linda now we appreciate what she did for America. Will be forwarding a check for her defense fund. /04.27.99/

Carlo J Flores []
You are a hero. Like all heroes there is always a price to pay. Your efforts cost you great personal pain and I can only imagine all the sleepless nights you endured. You are a bright, intelligent woman and a model of good citizenship. Our youth will learn about your role in this whole sordid affair. Be proud of your contribution and remember, it's not over yet. /04.27.99/

Carol A. Reineke []
I am so happy to have found this website so I can express to you my wholehearted thanks and support for the courageous thing you did in exposing O.J. Clinton and his B.B. brained bimbo. You are a heroine in my eyes and a true victim of that vicious duo, Hillary and Bill, as is anyone who dares to tell the truth about them. Thanks to the liberal Democrats who champion such a swine as Clinton, our country is in the toilet bowl where he and his supporters feel comfortable. Like attracts like. It takes tremendous courage to stand up for truth and you did even when you were cruelly maligned. I admire you tremendously and wish you all the best. /04.17.99/

Catherine Perez Montclair, New Jersey []
You go girl! There is always a silver lining to every big dark ugly cloud. Keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. You WILL get there. Best wishes and God Bless /04.17.99/

Jacque []
Dear Linda,
You are among a very select few who served in this WH who actually knew the difference between right and wrong. The entire administration appears to be the accumulation of all those who are corrupt or are corruptible. But to listen to the tv reports and political roundtables I've heard, you would think the new 1st commandment is, "Thou shalt not tell the truth," and the second commandment has become, "Protect the evil at all costs lest ye be guilty of tattling." Sadly, the polls demonstrate the moral condition to which our nation has fallen. You are on my list of the greatest people in this decade. Perhaps the abomination in the WH will yet meet his Waterloo. /04.17.99/

Jesse Gilbert Sulphur Springs, Tx. []
Thank you linda for your efforts to expose clinton for what thousands of us know him to be....NO GOOD! You are loved and admired by thousands upon thousands. i hope you'll join with us on may 4th in D.C. See you there! 04/16/99

N Bruce Ferris []
We can never know another persons true motivation. But, you did the right thing; if for nothing else for all the woman that he has abused. Noone who knows the truth should keep silent to protect those who commit evil deeds. All the worlds problems would disappear if those who knew the truth (of evil) would only speak up immediately. /04.17.99/

In the face of the most vicious campaign of smear and character assassination the most powerful man in the world could muster, you have remained firm and resolute. You give us all strength. Hang in there. I look forward to meeting on May 4th. /04.17.99/

Bob J - FreeRepublic []
As a 74 year old Army veteran of all three of the "big" wars (with friends killed in all of them) you are the only remaining ray of sunshine left in this whole morbid tragedy. Yet, sadly, you are a martyr for a hopeless cause. The curtain falls on our greatness - not only because of the the charlatan who resides in our nation's White House, but also for the decline and fall of the majority of our citizenry who elected and continue to support him. (Egypt, Syria, Greece, Rome, the British Empire . . . and now our own beloved United States . . . TRAGIC!) What HE is is a reflection of US! /04.12.99/

Earl W. Shollenberger []
As a Veteran and a patriot I want to thank you for trying to expose that disgrace we have for a President. God Bless You. /4.04.99/

You are one of the few bright spots in this whole presidential mess....... Thank you for doing the Right Thing. /04.01.99/

Tim []
It took a lot of guts to bring out the corrupt behavior of the Clinton administration. You must feel like Mr. Smith in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". Keep us appraised of any attempted retribution. We will work with our representatives and local press to support you in such case. /03.31.99/

Hector Smith []
Linda I wanted you to know that admire you so much,I get so mad when I hear people making jokes, snide remarks,at your expense.I hope you write a book and make begillions of big bucks.And I truley believe you will come out on top of this whole mess.Just wanted to know. thanks alot.I will look forward to that book. /3.31.99/

Marilyn []
I too want to thank Linda Tripp for being the only honest person throughout this ordeal. Linda, I think you are a very intelligent person and I would have done exactly what you did. I pray that you will write a book. I know that you have so much more to tell us. Please, please, please write your book. I wish you and your family the very best - you deserve it. /3.29.99/

Pat []
Thank you, Linda, for your courage to do the right thing for this country. I have thought many times was a terrible transition it had to be for you to go from the Bush administration to the Clinton situation. You should receive a Congressional Metal of Honor. They have been given out for lessor heroics.....I hope you look at all the good wishes being sent to you from this Web site. God Bless you and your Family. /3.28.99/

Jeanne, Inverness Florida []
Like all of history's greatest women, Linda Tripp may be much maligned in her own time but will be judged by history as one of the 20th century's greatest heroines. Like Martin Luther King, Linda Tripp was able to put aside the moral failures of her society to stand up for morality and what is right for America. I believe that she is an American equivalant to Margaret Thatcher, Marie Curie, Indira Ghandi and Golda Meir. I hope Linda Tripp can be convinced to run for public office. Much as Americans are currently against her, there is no doubt that her stunning personality and magnetic image will captivate the American psyche. I predict that she will be President by the year 2008. No doubt that she will refrain from committing tawdry acts in the Oval Office and will regain respect for America internationally. God bless Linda Tripp-God bless America! /3.25.99/

Rebecca Bircher [ Linda,
I hope you actually get this message of good cheer to you. As a principled former federal government employee, I know how hard things have been on you, all for doing something your conscience required. All the best to you and to your family. Courage. Let the Hollywood gliberals make heroes and heroines out of the sluts and the rakes of this melodrama, those of us with shreds of our moral decency remaining cheer both you and Judge Starr for your individual courage and steadfastness. Read the Theodore Sorenson article in a recent issue of Foreign Affairs. It shows that even liberal historians will record Clinton's sexual dalliances and frequent criminal cover-ups for just what they were: lies, perjury, obstruction of justice and maladministration. Take heart in the redemptive notion that history will remember you far more fondly than either Clinton or his tragic whore. /3.22.99/

Jack Fitzgerald in St. Augustine []
I would just like to tell you that I really feel for you. In the beginning of the whole scandal, I thought oh that poor Monica, what she must be going through. I really started to change my mind about her when the Republicans wanted her to testify before the Congress. And especially after I saw the Interview last week, This girl needs a clue, she really needs to wake up, and really realize what she has done.

I believe that she will not realize what happened last year until she Grows UP!!!!!! When she looks back at all that happened, I really believe that she will feel like the biggest fool. When she realizes that he never loved her and that he never had feelings for her and that he just used her, then I think I will buy and read that book. I would like to Thank Barbara Walters for doing that interview, If she would have done it during the Impeachment trial, He would have been out of office... I think that what has been said about you, was in fact lies. I really believe that you wanted to help this girl, and you also wanted to protect yourself. Because if she would have not had the dress, he would have still be denying it. I really admire you. I think that a lot of negative publicity that you have had will change especially after the interview... Thank you, My prayers are with you and your family. I hope you get through this. And I would like to also add that I hope Kenneth Starr would take her amunity away, she clearly lied, and she clearly covered up... /03.19.99/

Samantha []
To me, the definition of a friend is one who holds you accountable. In that sense, Linda Tripp is probably the best friend Monica Lewinsky ever had. Unfortunately, as they say, "No good deed will go unpunished" and Monica Lewinsky is too immature, shallow, and self-absorbed to realize what a friend she had in Linda. I would be proud to call someone like Linda Tripp a friend of mine. /03.18.99/

Dear Linda,
Just a note to let you know I do admire you for what you did. And, I would have done the same thing. I'm 45 yrs old and have a daughter 28 yrs old. I totally understand where you were coming from. My hat is off to you. /03.18.99/

Kathy in Redondo Beach, CA []
I would like you to know I admire you very much, Linda, and we need more citizens willing to speak out on what is going on in this Clinton administration! Wishing you and your family the best as you get on with your lives. /03.13.99/

Tommy Martin []
Linda, You did a fantastic job this Sunday morning. on ABC with Sam & Cookie. I as an American am proud of you! I wish Barbra Walters would interview you for two hours. /03.12.99/

Mary Ann from Iowa []
Dear Linda, don't let the media and the corruptive people concerned in all this get you down. We are rooting for you, keep your chin high and know there are thousands of us out here that don't believe a word that Clinton and his alter ego says. He knows no shame so I guess you would say he has no conscience. Only God can save him. He has been a pox on this country and if the few good men we have trying to lead this country had had their way he would be gone. Sorry we don't have more responsibility in our congressmen and senators about evil and less about politics. Hang in there and we believe you all the way. Monica needs a good dose of the Bible lessons that tell us exactly how not to become. God does love her. We should all be praying for all concerned. God is the only one who can change peoples hearts. Bless you. /03.12.99/

Thank you for having the courage to stand up and do what you did. I saw you on Larry King and have been wishing that I had some way to convey my support to you. I was delighted to find this website. I get so angry and disgusted at those who criticize you, they obviously choose not to "get it." Thanks again/03.11.99/

Pat []
You did the right thing. Many of us had abusive parents or relatives, however, we remained silent because the individuals had their "good points" and they would usually give things to us (money, gifts, etc.)--similar to the way Clinton continually gives and gives to foreign leaders, women's groups, and minorities. Of course they will back him because he keeps them contented. Recently I saw Maria Shriver on television state that as children they were always taught to remain loyal to their family no matter what. Last night I saw another individual state that George Stephanopoulos should not have criticized Clinton is his new book. Why are people suppose to turn their heads when others are doing wrong and hurtful things? I truly think that Monica Lewinsky should thank you. Where would she be today if you had not come forward with the truth? She would still be trying to get a job, she would still be lying for Clinton, and she would not be making millions of dollars. Again, you did the right thing. No one should ask you to lie for them. My sincere thank you and prayers go to you, Mr. Starr, and all the other individuals who had the courage to stand up for honesty. We need to end The Old Boys Network. /03.11.99/

SD []
As I am a middle aged American woman I would like to add my support for Ms Tripp. I think she is a better American and patriot than the low class immoral person and his little tramp we have in the white house. I think she's a lovely, intelligent, personable woman I would consider a privilege to have as a friend. I'd go to lunch with her any day. Good luck Ms Tripp and may God hold you in the palm of His hand and give you peace. /03.09.99/

Newman []
Linda I don`t know if you see these or not. But I want to thank you for the service you have made to our country.Clinton is just a piece of trash an I am sorry you have to go throught what you have. Again THANK YOU... /03.09.99/

Lee []
This is my second well wish for Linda, which may not seem fair, but I just wanted to add to what Debi said that she wrote ABC News and thanked them for letting Linda share her side and she asked who else had done that? '

I have written several programs in Linda's defense although I have never seen evidence of my messages leaving me to wonder why??????

If we care for Linda and want to help her I think we should write to all the media and demand that we be heard in defense of her and that our messages be conveyed to the public. It wouldn't hurt to form a group to defend her ??

I also think Linda's supporters should write the Geraldo Rivera show condemning him for his name calling and insults of Linda. NOW organization announced not to insult Monica because of this so why are they bad mouthing Linda?? Geraldo calls Linda Treacherous Tripp along with many other names.

He said every time her heard her name he wanted to puke. I think his show stinks just as I think his name calling stinks. Someone should go back to his old shows and compare them to his shows now. I think there is a big difference, even hypocritical, to his shows now. I have definitely seen a big change in him.

Linda needs all the support she can get. People caught in corruptive situations, I know from experience, need all the support they can get. This site is great but Linda deserves more. /03.09.99/

Jayne []
Dear Linda Tripp,
You did a wonderful job on "This Week with Sam and Cokie". I was proud of you. You looked great too. I wrote ABC News and thanked them for letting you share your side. Who else has done that? No one has been as mistreated by this country and the media other than Richard Jewel, and at least his came to an end.

I would rather be you and have people hate me but be able to look myself in the mirror everyday than Monica or Bill who, although they are reaping many rewards for their misdeeds, cannot look at themselves every day with a clear conscience.

You are DEFINATELY an American Hero in my view! Thanks for being so brave. The truth is always better in the end.

Take heart that while Clintonites may be angry with you, there are millions of us who love you! Thank you for doing what was right regardless of the consequences. /03.09.99/

Debi [] are a true and brave American. I have admired you from day one for having the courage to stand up for what is right. I watched you Sunday with Cokie Roberts and Sam were brilliant and very honest.....I would be honored to have you for a friend. You will not be forgotten in prayer. I look forward to reading your book.....May God bless you and keep you safe in His care. /03.07.99/

Donnis Gavalas....Marietta Ga []
To Linda Tripp:
You are a patriot and an honest person. I believe I understand your bravery. I pray for you. /03.07.99/

Steve Einhorn []
Linda, first, I want to say that after seeing your interview today with Kokie Roberts and others, I have determined that you are an extremely intelligent person. Thank you, Linda for your foresight and courage. You have my complete support, with prayers and blessings. A lot of people here in the Bible Beltway are pulling for you. God Bless You. /03.07.99/

Connie []
Dear Linda, The big error here is the press and all the pundits saying you betrayed a friend. How silly to assume that Monica was your friend. Friends don't ask you to lie and perjure yourself. Monica was and is a silly immature child and you did your patriotic duty. My family and myself support you completely. I just wish you didn't have to go through this horror. You did a great job this morning on ABC. Keep up the good work!/03.07.99/

Jean []
I was searching for Linda's e-mail address and found this web site. I am so glad to see this support of a truly brave and intelligent woman. It more than amazes me and everyone I know that big portions of our country just don't care about this President's lack of morality and integrity.

I cringe every time I hear someone criticize or disparage Linda in the news or on TV. I agree with Bill Bennett, (The Death of Outrage), I am just dumbfounded. Who are these people who support the Clintons? stupid? uninformed? or just plain worshippers of lowlifes...? Are those in the Media getting some kind of benefits from the Clintonistas? We just don't get it.

Linda, I hope you don't mind me comparing you with Mark Fuhrman. I knew he was a "good guy" all along. Thank you, thank you!! for taking action. It may take a long time but Right and Truth always come out on top in the end.

(By the way who was in charge of comparing DNAs to determine parentage of the child in Arkansas? The mother said the child was Clinton's.) Praying for your safety... /03.07.99/

Ginger Hite []
I think she's the one person telling the truth in this whole saga. I didn't trust Bill Clinton way back then and I don't trust him now. Bill, Hillary and Monica deserve each other. They're all users. /03.07.99/

Carolyn Barkley []
Keep your head held high. You did exactly what they preach in this country. TELL THE TRUTH!!! The only thing is the president and his followers just don't know how too. You were a brave person to come foreward and let it all be known. I wish only good things for you and your family. Thanks /03.07.99/

Eric Schwitz []
Great interview on This Week. I admire what you did and feel that eventually your poll numbers will rise as Bill and Monica's plummet. How does anyone know what they would do under the circumstances? I have supported you with family and friends all this past year and am glad to have found a place to let you know. All the best to you and your family! /03.07.99/

Patricia & Jim Nance []
Thank you for supporting Linda Tripp. She is the only one with the guts in all of this. The rest of the country showed how pathetic they are along with Clinton and Monica. /03.06.99/

Eric []
We want Linda to know that we support her "all the way". We wll be watching her on the Sam and Coke Sunday show and wish her the very best. Linda, please, please, please write your book on the Clinton White House. Then we will really know the truth of this corrupt man and his administration. Thank you for standing for THE TRUTH. /03.05.99/

Dear Linda, Thank you for the courage to expose the outrageous behavior in the White House. You are a hero to all people who truly want the truth. Please write your book, the truth is the only version I'm interested in buying. /03.05.99/

"EVIL CAN ONLY TRIUMPH IF GOOD MEN (WOMEN) STAND SILENT". I watched your interview on Larry King. I was so very proud of you. The pervasive cynicism that had shrouded this country from the truth fills me with despair. But your courage and patriotism restores my faith. Though we be few, we are right and our suffering will not be in vain. I am a County Prosecutor in a suburban County east of LA. I am in the fight of my life to preserve my job of 25 years because I spoke out on matters of public interest. I will not be silent to the misfeasence, malfeasence, corruption, fear and intimidation that rules this government. I fully understand your fear regarding an "accident" that may befall you. I fully understand your motives and your frustration. I'll send a few dollars and my respect and admiration to support your work and to let you know that I believe in you! /03.04.99/

Margaret Flynn, Deputy District Attorney
San Bernardino County, California

To Linda Tripp:

After the release of the Tripp/Lewinsky tape transcripts, I took the trouble to analyze closely the key conversation on Dec. 22, 1997. It is very obvious from that conversation that it was Monica who was trying to lure you into committing perjury, to set you up and entrap you, not the other way around, as per conventional wisdom. The supreme irony of the taped conversations is that if Monica had had a moral conversion and had decided to tell the truth, the tapes could have served to back up her (true) story also.

You were much too kind to Monica on the Larry King show. You see how she returned your kindness. I started to damn her after her insincere behavior during her deposition by the House Judiciary. Now I actually wish you had not suggested to Monica to hang on to that dress. Without it, she would have been turned into flattened road-kill by the White House fixers. In the end, nothing would have been lost without the DNA evidence, because facts just didn't matter to the senatorial jury. But Monica surely would not have had the "status" that she enjoys now.

I consider you, along with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick true heroines in this affair. You have all endured so much public cruelty and calumny for the sake of truth. You all deserve some kind of medal in recognition of your bravery. I hope that at the end of all this something good enters your lives as compensation for the bad in the past. /03.04.99/

George Irbe []
I could not possibly write all of the feelings that I have on this subject and make them clear. Linda - you have, in my opinion, been the only person with integrity in this whole sordid mess. I personally feel that Monica Lewinsky owes her life to you. Without this having been exposed in the manner that it was, you both very likely would be dead. There are a great deal of people out here who are not being fooled by the mainstream media. The media is either totally dooped themselves or they have some tremendous fears of their own. Only someone who is totally blind could not see what is right in front of their faces. Linda - our family has been praying for you and your family since the very beginning of these exposed facts and we thank you for utilizing your courage to save this country. God works in mysterious ways and I know He is still in control. To have seen the deceptive Clinton machine in action, right out in the open has been an awesome, frightening thing. I also don't think for one minute that the American people are so dumbed down that they do not see what is going on. I believe that the media simply refuses to poll a fair segment of our society or taints the whole process. Nevertheless, Blessings to you and Keep your head high as you have renewed my faith in the truth. /03.04.99/

I'd like to let Linda Tripp know that I fully support her, and that right is entirely on her side. Those who attack her most often attack her on the grounds that she was not "loyal" to her "friend" Lewinsky. This is the strongest argument they have, and they assert it with mindless fervor. The fact is that loyalty is a two way street. You have to be dealing with someone who is *worthy* of loyalty in order to be loyal, more specifically someone who respects you, is true to reality, and is morally upright. A person who attempts to blackmail you into perjury, and threatens you and your family is *not* the kind of person anyone with self-respect and a rational sense of right and wrong would be loyal toward. All those who vilify Linda Tripp are putting themselves in the very funny position of supporting blackmail, intimidation and subornation of perjury. They are supporting criminal action against Linda Tripp. They are supporting a gross violation of the rights of one of their fellow citizens whether they know it or not.

Linda is clearly in the right here. The logic is unbreakable. Given this, I think she will win the PR battle in the long-run as well. In the mean time, Linda has *honor*, something no one can take from her, and she has the support of people who value *justice*, because we know it's what makes for a better life. What better person to have as one's friend that a person of honor? I know that she is not my friend, but to earn her friendship, should we meet, would be a great honor.

Live long and prosper, Linda. The very best to you. /03.04.99/

John Alway []
Dear Linda,
Please don't ever apologize for your "I am you" remark. As far as I'm concerned, you *are* me. You are the kind of person I would hope every American would be under the same circumstances. I know from personal experience that what you did took guts and courage. What Monica Lewinsky tried to do was take the easy way out and drag you down with her.

Had you not taped your conversations with Monica, Americans would have never learned about the relationship President Clinton was forced to admit was wrong. The president would have gotten away with perjury and obstruction of justice. He would have gotten away with trampling the constitution and Paula Jones' civil rights. He would have gotten away with abusing the power of the presidency.

Anyone who thinks that you and Ken Starr are the villains in this soap opera should take a moment to consider what our president did in his attempt to thwart the justice system and to deny an American citizen her right to a fair trial. That is what I find most chilling about this entire ordeal.

I don't fear my friends taping my phone conversations, nor do I fear Ken Starr investigating my sex life. Why? Because like most Americans who follow the laws of our nation and strive to live a decent lives, I have nothing to hide. I have much more to fear from the leader of a government who abuses his power, exercises a callous disregard for the laws of this country and destroys anyone who gets in his way.

There can also be no doubt that had you not provided proof of the affair between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, she would now be scorned, ridiculed and humiliated by the president's well-oiled smear machine. She would have no future. Although Monica doesn't realize it now, you gave her a future. In time, she will gain perspective.

I hope that she marries and has children because it will help her understand that what you did was ultimately the best thing that could have happened to her. And I hope that Monica will eventually realize that your actions were not only in her best interest, but also in the best interest of all Americans.

I applaud you, Linda, and I thank you for doing what you knew was right. /03.04.99/

Patrick Miller, Grand Forks, ND []
I am happy to add my name to the list of Linda Tripp supporters. I wish there were more people like her out there. /03.03.99/

Jack E Calkins []
Dear Linda, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm pesonally proud that you were not willing to lie under oath. I can tell from your two appearances that you are a fine person. Monica is not worth your care. ( Although we are supposed to forgive, so you have the right attitude.) Your advice possibly kept her from going to prison. Although, in a way, I feel sorry for her, too. Clinton is the slime-ball in this drama. We are retired and have responsibilities, so sending something for your defense fund isn't possible right now. For Monica, who was willing to do many dishonorable things to be making all of this money is unjust, but I know God will reward you someday. You seem to be a very nice woman. Your children, and your parents should be very proud of you./03.03.99/

Connie Iversen
Linda was protecting herself and Monica. Some day Monica will realize that she would have been regarded as a tramp had it not been for Linda. I'm for Linda all the way. /03.03.99/

Frances Jones []
I just saw "THE VIEW", you know the show with all of the loud-mouth liberals...when will anyone get a show for the women in this country who have some values! They were bashing Linda Tripp and Golberg without hesitation. I had to get on the internet and let Linda Tripp know that many people stand behind her. She has tremendous courage, considering what potentially could have happened to her AND has occurred! Good luck to you Linda! You've got some serious guts, something many more of us need in this country! Don't give in to this wacky media blitz. They are the minority... Go, go, go, Linda and others like you!!! /03.03.99/

Danielle Gray []
After I watched you on Larry King live and a few other interviews I had to write to you. I believe your intensions where of merit and salute your efforts to bring to justice a dishonorable President. If their is anything in this world I do not like it's a lier. And as the Bible points out our sins in the last days will be shouted from the roof tops. You Linda, I believe are in some ways an instrament in Gods hands to bring the sins of Mr. Bill to a very wicked world. Don't blame yourself for Slick Willy's walk. He will get whats comming to him. Maybe not in this life but it will come. The world is too wicked to condemn those that are in the lights of polotics and the fame of this world. You just hang in there, raise your family, and do whats right. Then will Gods blessings continue to rain upon you. I just had to tell you Your a true American.........../03.03.99/

Travis McQuivey []
Dear Linda,
It takes strong inner courage to do the RIGHT thing. You did it. Thank you & God Bless you!/03.03.99/

Anne []
Linda, After all you've been through and endured at the hands of your fellow Dems in the beltway, in the media, and across the nation, is there a Republican registration form with your name on it? /03.02.99/

Linda Mac []
Its too bad Juanita didn't keep some evidence. Thank you, Linda, for your courage to what you did. I will never understand how it is that the press has turned you into the villain in all of this. I thought there were federal laws to protect whistleblowers. You did the right thing. Your interview with Larry King was terrific (too bad I can't say the same for him). I just wish you could have had more time. Write the book. I will definitely buy it. You and Lucianne Goldberg are the only honest people in this whole affair. I can't imagine how awful it must be for you. Not all of of have followed the media's lead and blame you for all this. If there were more people like you in Washington maybe we wouldn't have the mess we do. /03.02.99/

Carol []
I want to tell her, I think she's is a true American Citizen worthy to be respected of your opinions. /03.02.99/

Chuck Halloran, Jr Harrison, TN []
I suppose the fact that Linda is in a big group of victims of the legal system and politicians, should make us all in that group feel better (as in safety in numbers...?). There are so, oh, so many of us. I say that sadly. And sadly enough, there are more of us out here, who, when Linda said she felt as if she might be killed by a politician-lead bullet, only someone who has felt that realistic fear, someone who has carried government secrets out of employment, would know that fear, and there are many of us who have been former government workers who are feared by those still in powerful government positions, that broke down for her when she shared that fear publicly, and cried. We cried because we are doing the right thing, and sometimes feel so alone by the very people we have been trying to protect (along with ourselves and our moral future). I cried, and you must know Linda I cannot be the only one, and we are a big group, and until the justice system changes, to again support and protect the victim and witness, this group will only get bigger. I am so sorry the system is hurting our group, but perhaps if there is any comfort in numbers, we are understanding of each others fears and decisions, and I admire you. And I can't help but know, that God admires us both. Is there any human help for us, though? /03.01.99/

I am so happy I stumbled onto this website! I now have a chance to tell Linda, and I hope she reads EVERY WORD of these "well wishes," how very much I admire her. I agree with Cheryll Ruley ~ Linda deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for her bravery. I remember with detail the very day I heard of the Clinton/Monica scandal. I was living in Dallas at the time. I went to a copy center the day after the story broke and a man standing at a copy machine next to me started talking to the manager of the center. His comment was: "Yeah, like I really care what goes on in the President's sex life." I turned toward him with my mouth wide open in shock. He looked at me and rudely said, "Well, what are YOU staring at?!" I thought at the time what a renegade my fellow copier was. Ha! Little did any of us dream the outcome of this sordid mess. When Linda's name surfaced a couple of days later, I hailed her as the heroine of us all, and I haven't budged from this position. My admiration only continues. You looked and sounded fantastic on Larry King, Linda. My family is a prayerful one, and we truly do pray for the handful of "good guys" in the "mess at the top." I was impressed by what you said about your family and friends ~ how they know and stand by you. That's where it really counts on this earth. When we all leave this mortal existence and meet God, the "good guys" and the "bad guys" will be firmly planted in their proper places. I hope to be standing next to you. (We Lindas gotta stick together!) /02.28.99

Linda Petersen, Seven Valleys, PA []
Thank you, Linda. You have more courage and honor than the Clintons and all their lackeys, lawyers and sycophants combined. Don't let the bastards get you down! I just located your defense fund address on the net and will be sending a check. God bless you. /02.28.99

Bill Eidson []
You are a hero; and will be remembered as such in the end. I'd have done the same. /02.28.99

Robin Dye - Former Democrat []
Linda, looking over your long list of well wishers it is hard to find something original to say. I just want to tell you how very much I appreciate what you have done. It was a great sacrifice for both you and your family and my prayers go out to them too. I am about your same age bracket and most everyone I talk to is on your side. The few I have run into that were "confused" about the facts, you can be sure I set strength! I even carried my "soap box" with me on my recent trip to Scotland and Ireland. I spent allot of time on trains and once someone found out I was an American I invariably would be asked what I thought about my president and look out...ten minutes later they were sorry they asked! But I can tell you I did change some impressions. (One of the news papers I ran across in Inverness, Scotland, had a full, front page picture of a profile of Clinton with a pointy hat and a very long nose - the headline read, "President Pinocio".) I was at my parents home watching you on Larry King. We were cheering you all the way. You looked beautiful, and handled Larry King very well. My father only wished you were the interviewer, thinking you could have done a much better job. (He asked me to tell you that.) My only wish for the, or any, interview would be for you to mention the list of dead people connected with clinton that was left on your chair at work. But I trust you have your reasons for not mentioning it.

I am not a church goer but I am familiar with the Bible and you are to be praised for your strength and courage to do the right thing no matter what the sacrifice. Job never gave in through all of his trials. He always did the "right thing" and came through to the other side to find every thing for the better. I think your single act of courage will end up benefiting not just yourself but the many. God bless you and your family. /02.23.99/

Lora Bitting & Dorris and Jesse Bitting []
You are a brave lady! Thanks for all of the trouble you put yourself through. /02.23.99/

Rex O. Corley, Jr. []
Don't let the bastards get ya down, Linda. You did the right thing no matter what anyone says. Without you he'd still be using and vicimizing everyone he comes in contact with. At least people are on to him. I think that History will be kind to you. It will just take some time. In the meantime, hold your head up high, Linda. You did right! /02.22.99/

R. Perkins []
Hey Linda,
What does (Tonight Show) Jay Leno's chin have in common with the founding father's at Mt. Rushmore? Chin size.

What does Jay Leno's chin have in common with the "Starr Report?" They're both long and distinguished.

Jay Leno can dish it out, but can't take it on the chin.

Jay Leno's chin is so big... it practically shaves itself.

Just a little humor to cheer you up. And yes, I actually e-mailed these jokes to the Tonight Show. Also, just to let you know, (and you probably already do know) it's the truth that people really hate, not you, no-one else should have to be guilty because Bill Clinton is guilty and screwed up. As far as I'm concerned, they can take all their hatred and focus it at Bill Clinton, it's more accurate. Monica should also be grateful to you, after all, she didn't wind up like Marilyn Monroe, given the Clinton's Arkansas history she should be really, really grateful. /02.22.99/

Mark P.Mackley []
Dear Linda,
Thank you SOOO much for following your principles. I am the mother of a pretty daughter just Monica's age, so I am cringing about this lecherous old man 'perpetrating' his addiction at her expense - and she still thinks it's consentual! She is a sick young woman. She makes me want to cry. Whats more, it is terrifying that those around him (especially Hillary) who know his 'tendencies' would not protect these young girls (I am sure Monica is not the only one) from him.

I am so impressed with your interview on NBC (just read the MSMBC report - didn't see it - don't watch TV anymore!) You kept your focus and even your grace. She tried to lead and manipulate your statements but you remained completely in charge of the impression you made. You are a beautiful, intelligent, articulate, principled, strong lady. Thank you for not caving in like so many others. I wish you were a SENATOR!

I'm a strong Christian (now - haven't always been) and I am disgusted at the condition we have allowed this country to deteriorate to. I don't know your view of Christians - I believe most people have allowed the media to define us the way they have tried to define you (perhaps you are one too - I don't know). I try to pray for the whole fetid situation - including the occupants of the White House who need it more than anyone.

I have no money to send to you - I am a struggling entrepreneur. But you have my respect, my heartfelt thanks, and my prayers. /02.22.99/

Nancy Beverage (Kansas) []
Dear Linda,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you and how sorry I am that you and your family have had to endure so much for the sake of being truthful. Love and Best Wishes to you and your family. /02.21.99/

Barbara []
Linda did an EXCELLENT job during her interview on Dateline. Articulate and smart, more sure than ever that you did the right thing. Agree with her or not, Paula Jones' civil liberties were violated when he lied under oath. Linda did the right thing. /02.21.99/

Missy Klopfer []
Dear Linda:
You did the right thing! Keep on doing the right thing and your life will work out just fine. Many of us are on your side and only feel badly for the wimps in the US Senate who did not do the "right thing." /02.21.99/

Jack LeComte []
Dear Linda,
I support you 100% in all you have done! You are an American Hero (and there aren't many these days!). You are in my prayers.

I'm delighted that you can finally speak out about other issues besides Monica. I keep up to date through the internet, and take very seriously Chris Rudy's open letter to you.

I know you are aware that you have no friends in the mainstream media. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

Since I don't have cable, I have to rely on someone else to inform me about cable programs. Folks who are used to having cable TV might forget that what non-cable homes get for "news" is TOTALLY FILTERED. Even cable does not tell the whole truth, but it's closer.

Hearing the news on radio and non-cable TV about your Larry King interview, one is led to believe that you spoke ONLY about the Monica issue. Reports today said you may write a book "about Monica and Bill," and quoted a number of statements you made about issues around Monica. However, I have learned from friends that the interview with King covered much more.

Is there some way you could develop a method for responding to "Monica" questions in a way that allows you to bring in other information -- in other words, always turning the interview away from Monica to focus on the more important issues? You've got to play the media's game by THEIR OWN RULES, even if it's against your nature.

The media will ALWAYS quote you in a way that is misleading to the listener -- so if they can pull out quotes about the Monica issues, that's what they will run. They want to make it look like that's all there was, and they want to instill a belief that it is what the people want to hear about. You and I both know that the American people are totally saturated and bored with Monica.

I know the media folks are tough cookies, insensitive, and often morally challenged, but I know you can outsmart them. THE OTHER ISSUES MUST BE PUT OUT THERE ASAP, AND I THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS AND YOUR COURAGE TO TELL WHAT YOU KNOW. I also think it's smart for you to do so.

I am very impressed with your intelligence and command of the language. I love that you stay calm and unflustered. I saw you in the Jami interview, and loved your calm, focussed presence in light of her aggressiveness. Folks are NOT saying nice things about HER! -- but they loved YOU!


Carol Judge []
I'm glad Clinton wasn't able (or maybe didn't have the nerve) to do a Nixon-type Margaret Mittchell number on you. /02.21.99/

Hi Linda,
It's amazing how the innocent in America, you, Paula, Ken Starr, and the other women abused by Clinton, get slaughtered and the guilty go free.

I get angry when the talk programs say, "It's what America wants." It may be what the majority of America has stooped to but there are many of us, who are Americans, and this is not what we want......a president who can't keep his pants up and never gives a second thought to lying. We want a clean White House not a prostitute house, which it seems to have turned into. Just how many people believe Hilliary wasn't aware of this, how could she not be aware? She made statement she was not a Tammy Wynette standing by her man. What else is it? She seems to be saying to women to stand by their men in any type of behavior and it doens't matter how many times they do wrong, still stand???

I guess it's true other presidents have been adulterers and probably gotten by with crimes, but I would like to see it stopped now, instead of supporting the action making it acceptable in the future. I still believe there is a man/woman out there somewhere who loves their spouse, is not an adulterer, believes sex is something you should share with one person you love. A president should be a person of reasonable character at least. As for forgiving the president, as the preachers say, just how many times will he be forgiven. I thought he was forgiven with Jennifer and the other women. Everyone can make a mistake but I thought people learned from them and became better people. Just how many times has the president made this same mistake, I've lost count. Who will be next and how many more times will he be forgiven?

I am in the 70% of those who don't vote, the reason being I think there is corruption in both parties. Wouldn't it be nice for these 70% to form their own party and keep criminals out of the White House? The White House needs of a good house cleaning.

I get sick watching the president carrying the Bible and the preachers tagging along beside him, making it appear to be God's will. Jerry Falwell, who wanted Clinton to resign, condemned him many times, as soon as the president was acquitted, ran to the White House that very night. What was the rush? He said it was to have prayer with the president. This really confuses me. Other people who write Jerry Falwell for help, I for one, don't receive this prompt attention, not even a response.

Linda, you look great, you present yourself great, and you were very brave. If there were more people willing to put themselves in danger to expose corruption the world would be a better place for the little people. As for Monica, I don't think you really had a friend in her. I think that friendship should have ended when she asked you to lie. Many say you betrayed a friend, what do they think asking you to lie was? All this talk about Paula, you, and others doing this for money is ridiculous. Monica is the one who is collecting the big money and the way she looks, she is enjoying every minute. I'm sorry but I don't see, "Poor Monica". I still see someone who is hiding the truth. There are just too many incidents and deaths surrounding this president.

Good luck. /02.21.99/>

Goldie []
Linda, I saw part of your interview with Larry King, then read the transcript. You did a great job. You're smart, gutsy and look honest to me (a former Democrat)...I'll bet Bob Bennett wishes he'd kept his big mouth shut. Too bad the US Senate didn't have the courage of Linda Tripp. Best wishes from out west. /02.21.99/

To Linda: Thank you...Thank you for telling the truth under extremely difficult circumstances....and for enduring with grace, the terrible personal attacks on you for doing what is right. People like you, Ken Starr, Henry Hyde and the House Managers give us hope that there are still some who will stand up for principle and what is right. There are a lot of us out here who appreciate you and what you have done.....P.S. You did a great job on Larry King and you looked great! Hang in there. /02.21.99/

I am personally pleased and proud of your courage. I am praying for your safety always. I would support your legal defense fund, but I was in a big lay off at CFS in Tulsa, OK and still on unemployment. I am sure there are a lot of others like me that believe you. God Bless and Keep you and your loved ones. /02.21.99/

Judi Wood, Tulsa, OK []
Please keep up the good fight! The more and more public you take your case the more support you will generate. I, and everyone I talk to, certainly are in your camp. Great job, (in the end he will be nailed), keep protecting yourself! /02.18.99/

Mona Prudden []
I hope you can hear us Linda. Keep standing tall! Maybe the majority doesn't believe in a moral society and/or government but plenty of us out here do and we're behind you! It is said that a society that looses it's integrity and morality is headed for destruction. Let us all keep fighting for what's right. No animosity, full of forgiveness but steadfast in purpose! /02.18.99/

Kris Hendricks []
All the letters to you say it all. Thanks for bringing the truth to light and you can count on my contribution to your legal defense fund. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. Peace to you and your family. /02.17.99/

Like Spike Lee said , "Do the right thing" and Linda did it , she stuck by her convictions ! Why would anyone in this world go through this humiliation if they didn't think they where doing something right, for once!!! Keep on going girl and don't give up, perseverance and the truth will see you through all this!! /02.17.99/

Susan []
Hold your head high! You did a very good job holding your own during the NBC interview. I admire you for your strength to stand up against "the system" as well as standing up against Bill and Hillary.

You are to be commended for refusing to be bullied and for not being afraid to expose the hideous behavior of Bill Clinton. Your faithfulness to Monica as a TRUE friend, by not enabling the situation to continue, is admirable. We are also glad that you were able to maintain your integrity and not perjure yourself.

You may never realize the good you have done for our country and for other women in similar situations, but MANY of us common women thank you over and over. You are a wonderful role model for standing for truth no matter what the consequences may be. GOD BLESS!! /02.17.99/

Joyce Goekden & Sally Priest
(daughter & mother) []
Saw Larry King. Linda, you are the greatest hero and most courageous person alive today. Of all the people in the world that know what a murdering, lawless, most evil, vile and perverted, beast that Clinton is, you were the only one brave enough to speak up. You have laid down your life, faced the devil and won. I couldn't be more proud of you. All of America will know what a heroic deed you have done by revealing the truth, when all of Congress, all of the White House staff and everyone in Washington and Arkansas cower, or are bought off, like Starr, and bow down to the most deceitful, sneaky, back-stabbing Antichrist, that ever walked the earth, when the whole truth comes to light. If they only knew it all. Thanks for taking the big first step. /02.17.99/

JC []
Linda, you did a great job with your obviously hostile interviewers. It Takes courage to take the stand that you did. Courage is something the Senate Democrats and the defecting Republicans lack, hopefully to their Detriment. /02.17.99/

Iantha F Swanson []
Dear Linda,
Thank you for your courage. Although you may get bashed in the dishonest media, our family think of you as a hero. Thank you. Best wishes for your book. We WILL be buying it! /02.17.99/

Nolan Burton and family []
Mrs. Tripp:
I watched your interview with Larry King the other night and you were RIGHT ON!!! I was so proud of the way you presented yourself and your facts, very confident and sure of your decision to tell the truth. If more Americans would just tell the truth our country would be so much better off. I agree with you completely when you said that the White House occupants today are not what we need in America. There is such a pattern of corruption and lies and who knows that else that people like you need to get the story out . Please continue to talk, talk, talk!!! Thank you for your bravery.. /02.17.99/

Charles a. Davis []
I want Linda Tripp to know that she looked lovely on Larry King Live and presented herself as intelligent and credible and I am so sorry people like Jay Leno find it necessary to ridicule her. I wish only the best for her... /02.17.99/

Jeanette Walker, Loudon, Tennessee []
I am a 65 yr old Republican moderate, Boeing engineer. I opposed you strongly in the beginning believing no President would or could stand up in front of the television cameras and blatantly lie. I have reversed my position 180 degrees.

Thanks for your courageous efforts in helping preserve the integrity of our republic. I watched your appearance on Larry King Live last evening. You were superb. I believe history will judge you, Luciana Goldberg, Ken Starr, the House Managers, especially Messrs, Hyde, Rogan, and McCollum very highly.

Wouldn't it be fun if you ran for the Senate from New York State, opposing Hillary Rodham Clinton. I pledge $50 to your legal defense fund. /02.16.99/

John White []
Dear Linda,
Keep up the good work and do not let Larry King or any other Clinton supporter get to you. I think you did a terrific job on Larry King. Thank you for your courage and keep telling the truth. May God keep you safe from your enemies /02.16.99/

Marlene []
With all of these well wishers blessing you with encouragement, it's plain to see that the "silent Majority" is alive and well. We don't usually give any verbal confirmation of our feelings, but in this case, you have stirred our slumber. Know that you are the stone in the devils shoe, and also the rock that Americas foundation rests upon. Silent outrage has done little to keep the morals and ethics of our liberal government from corruption by this administration. But, with more people like you that light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter. Thank You! /02.16.99/

Owen Guildner []
Your appearance on Larry King affirmed what I believe to be true about our president. Thank you for your courage. Keep your integrity in tact. There are a lot of people who respect what you did and would like to have a friend like you. /02.16.99/

PK []
Dear Linda, I read some of the letters from wellwishers on the website, and I have to say I could not be more eloquent as they have express all I would say to you. So all that is left is for me to say thank you for your courageous interview on Larry King last night. You and your family are in my prayers, also I am praying for Monica. May God protect you and all that are in danger now and in the future. /02.16.99/

Anne Marcus []
Please Tell Linda I applaud her efforts. She's being beaten up for having the nerve to fight back. Every one of these folks would have done the same thing if the president would have been a Republican. Linda critics are bemoaning her "betrayal of Monica" when what they are really pissed about is her betrayal of " their president". I wish more people had Linda's intelligence, tenacity and intestinal fortitude. His media and supporters would have and still will drag Linda's and Monica's entrails around Washington if they can figure out how to get away with it. We owe Linda, Paula, and Ken our eternal gratitude for exposing this predator, although it may be to late to save the nation. With the constant and continual Media brainwashing, their praises for people like Vernon Jordan and Monica ( for their crafty and unrevealing depositions) and their implementation of a socialist agenda, I fear we will never get our country back from these people who defile it daily. /02.16.99/

Connie Crull []
Dear Linda,
I ditto all the messages that I have just read -- pages 1 and 2. I was very pleased to see so many people are supporting you. I always wanted to know how to get in touch with you and to say THANK YOU! You are a true American. It took great courage to stand up for your principles. I wish the very best for you and your children. /02.16.99/

Betty Sundstrom []
Dear Ms. Tripp:
Finally an American Hero! You and your family are in our prayers. I hope you know how many Americans are rallying behind you and praying for you. I admire your courage. /02.16.99/

Aleta Ballard, Uneeda, West Virginia []
Linda Tripp was absolutely terrific in her interview with Larry King, Monday 2/15/99. I was so impressed with her. She handled herself so very well. In fact, Larry King, was a bit baffled by her total honesty and excellent communication skills. Linda Tripp, is the heroin of our country. She will be respected in the future. Our so-called President is absolutely the meanest person and Mrs. Clinton too. I am so proud of Linda Tripp. I only wish our citizens, media Weren't so sarcastic and nasty. Actually so ungrateful, because Linda really helped Monica and our Country. So many people are oblivious of this president's propaganda and desire for monarchy, tyranny. They are horrible, are communists. I am not a right wing person. I am very moderate, conservative democrat. Why no one can see thru them is so hard for me to believe. Thank you, Linda Tripp. You were a real lady on the interview. And you were right. Saying your best defense is being visible. I was so afraid by going public you would be further condemned, further ridiculed. So I pray you will be honored, within the near future. I have always been behind you and Lucy Goldberg. Lucy was great in Linda's defense during the investigation and impeachment trials. Only can say too bad the senators, proved to be so political, self serving and not ethical. /02.16.99/

Kaye Booth []
Linda- I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for the beautiful job you did on Larry King Live!! You were bright, articulate and obviously sincere. I have always felt that you were placed in an impossible situation...commit perjury or tape the president's emissary (who happened to be the person who put you in that mess!) I was especially proud that you would have had every reason to be spiteful and vindictive of the media and the White House spin but, instead of emoting about the injustice of your treatment you calmly told your story. You were obviously able to put all of that into perspective ("I loved Bruce Lindsay...He was my favorite", "I would give Monica a hug".) You did a wonderful job! You make us all proud!! /02.16.99/

Cheryl Reisdorff, Colorado []
I just wanted to drop a note letting Ms. Tripp know that there are people such as my wife and myself who appreciate the strength she had and showed in standing against the Adulterous Liar. I believed Tripps sincerity when she made her first public statement and I still do. I'm sure that Linda's life was in danger and could still be. Isn't it pathetic to think that an employee would live out their life safer and more peaceably in the witness protection program, the employee-Tripp, the dangerous employer-William Jefferson Clinton. I'm sure that if we all only knew just a fraction of the other things that Tripp witnessed, we would be horrified! We believe you Linda, we admire you. God bless you! /02.16.99/

Dave []
We watched the interview on Larry King last night and enjoyed it better than Jamie Gangel's. Larry at least gave you more time to speak. Not many people told the truth in this fiasco, however, I think you have. But it seems in our world now thinks good people are bad and bad people are good. The whole system stinks. Keep talking and standing up for your rights. I can tell that Monica is still lying and covering up for the occupant in the White House. Guess she thinks Bill will still leave Hillary some day. ha! Best Wishes to you and your son and daughter. /02.16.99/

Jane and Frank Countiss []
Dear Linda,
You make me proud to be a woman and mother of two teenage daughters. I was also a military wife and worked for the Navy. I would have done the same as you to protect this young woman. She (Monica) may have been at the age of an adult, but love is blind and she was obviously star-struck by the president. I know that many young women could easily fall into the same trap as Monica did. I hope that one day she will see that you have done her and other potential victims of Clinton a favor by doing what you did to uncover the disgusting injustice of Clinton and his administration.

I believe that you should receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for being the bravest patriot this century has ever seen. Please don't feel that you are alone. I would be happy to have a friend like you! /02.16.99/

Cheryll Ruley []
I have always admired Linda Tripp. Having worked 30 years in the public sector, I have known situations as she describes it was under the Clinton administration. I give her complete credit for revealing just how sleazy our president really is. Many of us already knew that, or suspected it, but because of Linda Tripp, the true facts were verified. /02.16.99/

Greg Moore []
I want to commend you for trying to do the right thing and be truthful in respect to what has happened in the last several years. I am sure that your life is one of misery now that you have become public. I saw you on Larry King Live last night and was very impressed with your ability to come out with the things that you discussed as well as your ability to tell the truth. I am sure that you look behind your back, as a lot of us have done that have tried to tell the truth about things as well as expose things that the American people need to know. I can relate to how you feel, for I have been there as well, just not in the limelight that you have been in. I applaud you as an American, and I wish you well in whatever things that you may do in the future. There are a lot of folks that I call faceless ones that support you and the efforts that you are making. I am glad that you became public with all of your information and I am sure that you have more as well. May you and yours be safe. I am a mother of 3 sons and I can only feel for you as to the things that you have said in reference to Larry King Live. If there is anything that this woman can do to help you please dont hesitate to email me. I can get you on radio talk shows as well as satellite broadcasts too if you are interested. We all feel that the more you are vocal the safer that you are.

I think that the country needs to hear more from you and we are standing with you Linda. You are one smart woman and more folks need to know where you are coming from instead of the SPIN that the masses are hearing.... /02.16.99/

Robin Bird Jones []
Dear Linda,
Saw you on Larry. Keep on with the truth for those of us(women) who have not fallen under the spell of Bill, or maybe who have met his type and don't want to ever go there again. How can our country be under the control of this trailer trash?

It was nice to find you so articulate, and also nice to see you come out from under the gag. There are a lot of us who always believed you, and found the comedy outrageous.

Look forward to your book. Please write it. It WILL be a best seller, and maybe you can recoup some expenses, plus out the bastard. Would love to write the book with you(I am a writer).

Loads of encouragement with the rest of your life. We'll all just let him have rope. /02.16.99/

Phyllis McGregor []
Linda, I think you are a very brave lady. I wish you the best of luck. /02.17.99/

Dear Linda,
I was so glad I found the web site for supporting your efforts. The day all of this broke in the news, I thought Linda Tripp is in for the ride of her life. I remember how angry I became very early on, when the attorney for the president publicly came out and called you a liar. I thought what choice did you have but to defend yourself and your children. You had no choice and doing what you did was not only legally correct, but the ethical thing to do. I unfortunately did not see you being interviewed this week, but from what I have read you did a terrific job despite the harassment's of the interviewer. I tried to write to you over a year ago, but could not find a place to send you a letter of my support. I want you to know I am a 47 year old working married mother of a 16 year old son.

My husband and I have watched this whole situation with nothing but tremendous support and admiration for you. You are a "whistle blower" and basically whistle blowers are not the ones most admired at first. Be patient as your day is yet to come. The Clinton administration will soon end and with it will go all the dysfunctional people that surround the White House and this president. You can hold your head high and have a good night's sleep because you did the honest and ethical thing. What you did, had to have been one of the most difficult things in your entire life. I do believe all things happen for a reason and God chose you for this mission because of your strength, integrity and to be looked at as a role model. Despite what the Clinton administration wants the entire country to believe, you set an example for Monica, and for the entire nation. What you did was so courageous. I am looking forward to buying your book, because I want so much to know more about you as a person so that I can model myself after you. I will pray that all good things come your way and that you continue to live your life the way you have and out of this you will know how much you have meant to this country, our children and to all who still believe in honesty. /02.17.99/

Barbara Armstrong []
I watched her on Larry King last evening, and thought she presented herself very well. When the program was over, my first thought was, Linda Tripp is the only player in this mess who can say to herself, "I did the right thing." Linda Tripp will be alright.

She mentioned the possibility of writing a book. I hope she does. I hope it's not vindictive, but one that gives a flavor of what it was like working in the Clinton White House with Bill and Hillary, and covers her person hurt and frustration at being put in the middle of this mess. Hers will be the only book I would pay money for. /02.16.99/

Margaret Mauzy []
I am ashamed to say that I have been once again hood-winked by media and by blind faith in our governmental system. Formerly, I believed you were bad and wrong in documenting the facts in the way you did. I do , after seeing you on Dateline and Larry King. I completely believe you and know that your motives were just and sound. You come across as very credible - probably because you are! Who would put themselves through the torture you've endured just for personal vendetta. Besides there's nothing to suggest any ill feeling on your part toward the President or anyone else. Just goes to show that we can be so easily deceived..even by ourselves.

I had thought I didn't judge till all the facts were in, but I had about you. I apologize, even though we're not personally acquainted. Here's hoping the WHOLE ball of wax comes out now! Justice does prevail. It sometimes takes a while though.

Thank you for your steadfastness and courage. You're in a lot of prayers for your safety and peace of mind. /02.16.99/

KA Chadwick []
I watched Larry King Live last night and thought you did an outstanding job of answering his questions as well as the callers. There are many of us "out there" who are not fooled by this corrupt Administration. We applaud your courage and perseverance. Love and prayers. /02.16.99/

Joanna Hurley, Denton, Texas []
Dear Ms. Tripp:
I want to let you know that I admire your courage and perseverence in the face of what must have seemed like overwhelming odds. Best of luck in whatever your future holds. Thank you for doing the right thing. /02.16.99/

Don Pikovnik []
Linda, I saw your interview on NBC and the Larry King Show last night. I thought you were great. I have supported you all along. I can't understand why the press and the people of this country can't understand that friends do not ask friends to commit perjury. I understand that documenting the facts in the way that you did was the only way to save yourself from destruction by this white house. I also hope that the people who are writing in support of you will also send some money to help pay your legal bills. I intend to send a check today. I don't have a lot of money, but I want to help. Please write that book now for your own safety. /02.16.99/

Mary Bargeron []
We watched Linda on Larry King last night--Linda, you came off as totally believable!!!! No, you are not just like us but we do believe your story (& Gary Aldrich's) for that matter. No, we won't contribute to your defense fund--But, we will anxiously await your book--which I will buy--We feel that the "Clinton machine" has set out to destroy every one that gets in their way--We feel that the TRIAL (??) was a sham---We feel there is much being covered up by the media & possibly the Republicans (sorry to say that) --We believe that there is close to a MOB mentality going on in the highest levels of our government. What a sad statement that makes for America!!! Write your book, Linda,---tell the truth ---We want to hear the truth---Take care--- /02.16.99/

Joan Lebo []
Congratulations to a woman who had the guts to do what was right and not just someone who would listen, and sympathize with her friend. The bible says, "The wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of and enemy." And also we should "Speak the truth in Love". The Clinton supports don't have a clue when it comes to right and wrong. If they would come clean we might save this nations but covering wrongs is like keeping a sore covered until it festers and make no mistake about it, Clinton will erupt again. Hooray for Linda Tripp. Keep your chin up girls. I'd take you for a friend any day. /02.16.99/

Wilma []
After having watched Linda Tripp's interview with Larry King last night, I felt the necessity to convey my support. FINALLY, FINALLY a person in this whole mess who speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I so admire you, Linda, for having the conscience to do THE RIGHT THING. I have to feel confident that what comes around will go around, and all of those who so blatantly lied and were successful blindsiding the majority of the country will someday pay their dues. I fee proud to be in the minority of America, the group of us who still do believe in doing what is right, even though it may not be the EASY way. I consider you to be a role model for my young daughters, and I just want to say Thank You for your strength, endurance, and backbone. (I can't wait to read your book.) /02.16.99/

Glad to know that there are some true American people left in this U.S. (LINDA TRIPP) in government politics. I am glad i came to this sight to see that there are some people who still look for what is right. It takes a brave woman to stand up for what is right. The senators who would lie rather than lose their seats in Washington. They cannot fool some of the people all of the time. I know she fears for her safety, even more so than we who do not side with the majority, just so they can get what they want in today's' world. I will pray for her safety and blessings as she goes about her duty. /02.16.99/

Nancy []
I have thought a lot about the whole thing. I can only say that I would do exactly the same as Linda. She is brave, not perfect, just like me, wants good things for us. Especially in our government. She saw things that made her uncomfortable and disappointed. The people that are running our country are "messing around," making all of us, the people, the brunt of their poor decisions; abusive behavior. I think the President has an addiction and everyone is excusing it. For whatever reason this country chose him knowing what he was like, makes me sick. Linda saw things that we only wished we could see. I would be doing the very same thing as she if put in the same position. I admire her and applaud her strength, courage and hope only the best for her in the future. I know she is going to have to really work on saving face, but that's okay. I only have come to admire her because I saw her on Dateline or some such show like that. I really felt that she had done the right thing, no matter how hard it was and how scared she was. Most of life's choices are difficult if they are worth making. If I could ever meet with Linda, talk to her, listen to her, be her friend, I would. I can relate to what she is going through because I am going through something similar right now. Telling the hard truth, being the bad guy, being hated, depression, tears, wishing it was all a dream; I would really love to hug her, and be a friend... a REAL friend!!! /02.16.99/

Dena B. Harless []
As a 73 year old "three war" veteran (including Vietnam) I want to thank you for one aspect of your patriotism which is generally overlooked. You spent 19 years as a military spouse, presumably at many remote locations where, for years, you and your children enjoyed few of the amenities of civilian life. What a contrast from our profligate "President" who avoided his draft notice by PURPOSELY deceiving old Colonel Holmes - a 36 year Army veteran who lost his brother in WW2, survived the Bataan Death March (UNKNOWN to recent generations) and 3 1/2 years as a Japanese POW. As a one-time recruiter for Top Secret Crypto enlistees, I can say with assurance that Slick Willie's overseas anti-war activities, his associations with communist-front individuals (the World Peace Council), and his stealthy visits to the Continent, would have denied his access to wartime Secret material. Yet, your own meticulously detailed DD Form 298 (Statement of Personal History) which was used to successfully investigate you for access to Top Secret material - was released by the Pentagon to this pervert's henchmen in an attempt to destroy you. You are INDEED a "Patriot" dear lady!! And I'm confident you will be recognized as such by future generations. /02.16.99/

Earl W. Shollenberger []
They tried to make her out to be some kind of floozy. This woman is nobody's fool. I never really paid attention to what they were saying about her but never truly understood why she documented either. I was so bored with it all by the time of the acquittal. I have been very impressed with what she has to say about this now. My gut feeling says that she is telling the truth, without pausing or stumbling at all. She laid it on the line and her version seems to fit the circumstances, whereas the Presidents has had holes in it all along. I also think she probably was threatened in an indirect way... it seems like everyone who doesn't go along with this admininstration has a dark cloud over their lives. I wondered if that is why Susan McDougal wont' talk... she doesn't want to die like the last person who knew too much about Whitewater. Larry King seemed to think it was a but much when Linda said she felt threatened. I believe her. Had she not documented these conversations, she would be in jail, unemployed and unable to get another decent job. Smart girl!!! /02.16.99/

Atta girl!
I'm with you, Linda. The abuse that has been heaped on you by the media is obnoxious and wrong. What's more, I believe there are millions of people who feel the same as I and the other well-wishers who have e-mailed here. Hold you head up and be proud, you did the right thing! /02.16.99/

Reed []
I was so thankful I tuned in tonight to watch Larry King. You were very composed and confident. I applaud you. I hope you know that there are many of us outside the Beltway who are cheering for you and for the truth. Hang in there, and I sincerely hope that you do write a book--sooner rather than later. I have put you on my daily prayer list--for your safety, for continued strength and encouragement in what you are enduring, for your family. /02.16.99/

Loendorf []
I saw Linda on Larry King Live tonight. I found her to be very credible. I find it utterly amazing that Bill Clinton can LIE under oath and get away with it, and that someone like Linda Tripp can TELL THE TRUTH, and be vilified to point that she has been. Linda Tripp is the real victim in all of this-- not Monica, not Hillary, no, not even Bill. She is also the hero in all of this. She is someone who DARED to speak the truth, and had the moral courage to stand up to Bill Clinton. I applaud her. And I dare say that MANY Americans appreciate what she did--despite the "polls". /02.16.99/

Cindy Harder
North Pole, Alaska []

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